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Workflow Diagramming Principles and Techniques

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Posted by James Freeman | 11/14/2019
Use drag-and-drop software to simplify workflow diagramming. Learn some principles and technique to ease drawing process and save time.

Some workflow diagrams are complicated and it is time and effort-consuming to diagram such complex workflows manually. But it will be much easier to gain professional-looking workflow visualizations if you use drag-and-drop software like Edraw, aided by some useful principles and techniques. In this way, you can yield twice the result with half the effort. Here is an example.

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Three Principles for Workflow Diagramming

1. Difficult Parts Precedes Easy ones. The bottom part of a workflow is generally more complicated and difficult. Start with the difficult parts and main structure of the diagram will be constructed soon. Then the left process is easier.

2. Box Drawing Precedes Connecting. Don't draw connectors until all boxes are prepared. The need to adjust or modify can be minimized in this way.

3. Shapes and Pictures Precede Texts. Configure and format all pictures and shapes firstly before entering texts. Of course, it is advisable to add the headline at the very start so that it won't be forgotten.

Workflow Diagramming Techniques

  • Use gridlines and rulers to locate precisely and quickly.
  • Use the shortcut key [Ctrl + C/V] to copy shapes, which is faster and can make shapes in the same size. In Edraw, you can use "Same Size" function to adjust many shapes into the same size at one click.
  • Apply themes to format all shapes quickly.
  • Pressing the arrow keys on the keyboard can fine tune shapes and locate them more precisely. In Edraw, alignment and distribution become a cinch with its powerful functions. See the illustrations below.
  • Same Size Align Shapes Distribute Shapes

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