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How to Draw a Gantt Chart - Simple Tutorial

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Posted by James Freeman | 11/06/2019
A simple tutorial helps you learn how to draw a Gantt chart for your project Schedule, increase your possibilities of understanding and work more effectively with our Gantt Chart Software.


Video Tutorial - How to Create a Gantt Chart

Preparatory Work for Drawing a Gantt Chart

A good job should be done in the preparatory work for a new project. You need to turn your project into a step-by-step plan and list the activities in a table. For each activity on your list, estimate how long it will take you to do that. How long are you going to be in the activity? Realistically, how many work can you do in a day? When will people be available?

Then you need to put activities in order. What is the first thing that you are going to do? What will you do next? What will you do after that? One by one, put everything in order. Make a note of any dependencies; that is, situations where you can not do one thing until another is started or finished. If the research assistant is going to do all the interviews, then the interviews can not start until the research assistant is hired.

When you finish the ordered list and know how long everything will take, you need to combine or divide the task for reducing the list without losing any specificity.

How to Draw a Gantt Chart

Start a Gantt chart drawing page from the Project Management category. On the left of the canvas, you will see a library containing a group of Gantt chart templates. Drag a template and drop on the canvas, and the Gantt Options dialogue will pop up automatically. You can set the date unit, date format, start and finish date in the dialogue. (Note: This dialogue could be reopened though Set Date button under Gantt Chart toolbar.)

Gantt Chart Set Date

Add a Task or Sub Task in Gantt Chart

You can right click on the mouse to add a task or a sub task.

Add Gantt Chart Task

You can also use the quick buttons under the Gantt Chart toolbar to add a task, add a sub task, or delete a task.

Set Gantt Chart Task

To change the column width, place the mouse cursor on the line between two cells and drag, just like the way excel does.

change gantt chart colume space

Insert Columns

You can right click to insert a new column after the selected column. Choose the title of column from the pop-up dialogue box. For example, we can add a priority column.



  • You can change the priority by clicking on the symbol.
  • To hide a column, right click on a column and choose Hide Column.
  • How to Change the Task Bar

    When double clicking the text editing box to input task start date and finish date, the progress bar will be updated automatically according to the new date.

    Also, you can hover the cursor at the end of a bar, when the cursor changes as a two-way arrow (No.1), drag the bar to change the finish date.

    Hover the cursor above a bar, and when the cursor changes as a four-way arrow (No.2), you can move the whole task bar. When the bar is moved, the start and finish date will change accordingly.

    Input the task completed percentage, and the green progress bar will be upgraded automatically. Also, hover your cursor at the beginning of the bar, when the cursor turns as a two-way arrow and a percent symbol (No.3), drag the bar to change the complete percentage.

    Manage Task Bar

    Different Task Type in Gantt Chart

    There are three different task types in the Gantt chart: Normal, Summary and Milestone.

    task type in gantt chart

    You don't have to set the type explicitly. The Gantt chart software will process it automatically. The normal task has a completed percentage. You can set it as the above description. If a task has some sub tasks, the task will become a summary. A milestone task can be a diamond shape while you drag the two yellow control points together.

    Share the Gantt Chart

    When you complete the Gantt chart, you can save it as the project file for revision later. You can print it or export it as the html, pdf, svg, transparent png format. You can also export it to MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint with one click. See a svg format export effect: How to Draw a Gantt Chart

    To learn more about gantt chart software, you can visit Edraw Project - Easy and Powerful Gantt Chart Maker

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