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Understanding Workflow

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Posted by James Freeman | 01/27/2021
Understand workflow better by getting familiar with some related terminologies. Try a powerful yet intuitive workflow modeling software.

What is Workflow

Workflow is fundamentally about the process of work. It is a set of actions that coordinate people and / or software. Communicating this process to humans and automated processes is the value-add that workflow provides. Workflows are fractal. This means a workflow may consist of other workflows (each of which may consist of aggregated services). The workflow model encourages reuse and flexibility, leading to agiler business processes. Here is a workflow diagram example created with Edraw - an automated workflow tool.

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Workflow Terminology

As stated above, workflow is about the organization of work. To understand workflow better, several terms commonly associated with the concept of workflow are explained below:

Business Process Management (BPM): BPM is a business philosophy that views processes as a set of competitive assets to be managed.

Orchestration: Workflows and orchestrations are effectively the same thing since each is designed to compose and execute a series of tasks. Orchestrations require a "conductor" that is always in charge of the execution. The conductor is typically manifested as an integration server (such as BizTalk Server) which monitors execution, raises events, creates execution logs and performs various other duties to ensure the process executes as expected.

Workflow Management System (WfMS): a software system for the set-up, performance and monitoring of a defined sequence of tasks, arranged as a workflow.

Discussions about workflow frequently mention one of the terms explained above.

More Workflow Examples

To save time and effort, try this template to show the workflow of taxi service, through which you can make impressive results. Every process is clearly visualized with 3D shapes. You can also use auto connection function to link shapes. Click the picture to enlarge and download.

An e-commerce workflow example is the perfect solution for those users who need to build a diagram in a rush but also require professional results. Click the thumbnail to enlarge and download.

This example uses 3D shapes to visualize the 3D workflow clearly. Even the arrow connectors have connection points, two. Click the picture to view full size and download. Make some modifications if necessary.

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