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Other Basic Tools

Line Tool

(Ctrl + 4)

On Home tab, click Line tool in Basic Tools group. You need to put the cursor on where you want to start the line and drag your mouse to draw the line. The cursor will look like this: line tool icon

draw a line

Tips: If you want to change the pattern and position of the line or add text to the line, please switch back to Select tool firstly.

Rectangle Tool

(Ctrl + 5)

On Home tab, click Rectangle tool in Basic Tools group. You can create a rectangle or a square with any aspect ratio. The cursor will look like this: rectangle tool icon . To draw a rectangle, hold the left mouse button and drag the cursor.

draw a rectangle

Oval Tool

(Ctrl + 6)

Select Oval tool in Basic Tools group. Drag diagonally until the ellipse is the desired size.

draw an oval

Crop the Canvas

In Edraw Max, you can crop the drawing page and save it in graphic format.

  1. Click Crop the Canvas button in Basic Tools group on Home tab.
  2. crop the canvas
  3. Click on the canvas and drag to select the area that you want to crop.
  4. A cropped area will be created and the entire page will become gray except the cropped area.
  5. Press Enter or double-click the cropped area and then the Save As dialogue will come up.
  6. Type the name, select the graphic format and file path, and click Save.