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Print a Gantt Chart

Go to the File tab and click the Print button to print a chart; or click the Print button in the Quick Access Toolbar.


Specify the paper orientation as portrait or landscape.

Paper Size

Shown in the list are the paper sizes supported by the current printer as well as industry standard sizes.

Print Setup

Click the File tab, click the Print, and then click the More Print Setup… to set the print options.

print setup window

Adjust to

Reduces or enlarges the drawing page to a specified proportion of actual size for printing. If the drawing page is larger than the size of one piece of paper, the diagram will be printed onto multiple pieces of paper.

Fit to

Fits each drawing in the print job on the length and width of the specified number of sheets. The drawing will be enlarged or reduced according to the number of pages and the margins you specified. If the length and width of pages are not proportional to the drawing's dimensions, only those sheets that are needed to maintain the drawing's proportion will be used.

Export a Gantt Chart

You can export your charts to different formats including PDF and Microsoft Office Excel.

export gantt chart