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Keyboard Shortcuts

You can find the list of keyboard shortcuts for Edraw Project any time on Help tab by clicking the Shortcut Key icon.

keyboard shortcuts
Function Shortcuts
Create a new chart Ctrl + N
Open a chart Ctrl + O
Save the current chart Ctrl + S
Save all charts Ctrl + Shift + S
Print the current chart Ctrl + P
Gantt Chart Ctrl + G
Show / Hide Data F8
Show / Hide Search Ctrl + Shift + F
Spelling check F7
Find Ctrl + F
Preview F11
Basic Operations on Tasks
Add Task Enter; Return
Insert Task Insert
Remove Task Delete
Indent Task Tab; Ctrl + Right
Add Hyperlink to a Task Ctrl + K
Undo the last action Ctrl + Z / Alt + Backspace
Redo the last action Ctrl + Y; Alt + Backspace; Ctrl + Shift + Z
Move Tasks
Up one place Ctrl + Up Arrow
Down one place Ctrl + Down Arrow
Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy to the clipboard Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Delete current object Delete
Commands in Box Text Edit Mode
Move to beginning of box text Home
Cancel editing box ESC
Commands in Find Mode
Find & Replace Ctrl + F
Spelling check F7
Zoom in Ctrl + + (plus); Ctrl + =
Zoom out Ctrl + - (minus)
Auto Zoom Ctrl + Shift + A
Expand & Collapse Ctrl + D
Expand All Ctrl + Shift + E
Collapse All Ctrl + Shift + C
Outline Level 1 - 9 Alt + 1; ...; Alt + 9
Show all levels Alt + 0
Using Help
Show help F1
General Windows Commands
Close a menu or dialogue box Esc
Cancel an operation Esc
Exit Edraw Project Alt + F5