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1. How to evaluate/test Edraw products before purchasing?
EdrawMax, EdrawInfo, OrgCharting and EdrawProj provide a 15-day free trial. EdrawMind and EdrawMax Online provide both free and pro versions, the pro version requires a subscription or license to access.
2. How to get invoice/receipt?
After payment, license information and invoice will be sent to the registered email address immediately. If you fail to get an invoice, please submit your order reference and request to us from Contact Support.
3. What's your tax exemption policy? We are a tax-exempt company/organization/school, how do we place an order?
For tax-exempt organizations, please proceed the payment first. After that, please submit your order reference and tax-exempt document to us from Contact Support.
We will send the document to apply for the tax refund. The request usually will be processed in one business day after we receive the material and the refund could take 2-10 business days to reach your bank account depending on each bank processing time.
4. Does the price include sales tax and VAT (value added tax) fees?
The listing price on the website does not include sales tax or VAT. Companies in the EU will pay 0% if they provide a valid company VAT number. Please process your order first, and after that, please submit your order reference and VAT number to us from Contact Support and we will assist to apply for a VAT refund to you.
5. Does renew license need to pay the full price of the product?
No. Please choose the renew package from renew & upgrade center. If you are not sure about the renewal options, please contact us.
6. Do you have wide-site/multi-user license? Are there any quantity discounts?
Yes, we offer multi-user license for government, enterprise and education and any other industries who require large quantity users licenses of Edraw products. You can find the multi-user license price in "Business" column on each product pricing page. For a quote, please contact us at business@edrawsoft.com.
7. How to get a refund of what I bought?
Please refer to the refund policy to process.
8. What shall I do if I failed to order from online store?
Please send the screenshot and the website URL of the product you would like to order to sales@edrawsoft.com. And we will assist with the purchase.
9. Why are you not accepting my credit card?
There are many reasons for a failed credit card transaction. Your card may have expired or reached its limit or have a security authentication issue. Please send the screenshot and the website URL of the product you would like to order to sales@edrawsoft.com. And we will assist with the purchase.
10. What payment methods do you accept?
Our website accepts PayPal, Credit Card, Bank/Wire Transfer. You can check all payment methods after adding Edraw products to the cart.
11. How to cancel the subscription license?
1) Processed order via 2Checkout: When you purchase a subscription license, you can choose to cancel the auto-renew function on order page during the payment. When you select the auto-renew option, you will be informed two weeks ahead of the subscription expiry date. You can cancel the auto-renew subscription follow the steps: log in Avangate MyAccount via https://secure.2co.com/myaccount/, go to "My Products" and click "Stop automatic license renewal" beneath each product that has this option enabled.
2) Processed order via other methods: Please submit your order reference and request to us from Contact Support.
1. What's the difference between EdrawMax and EdrawProj?
To get a detailed comparison of the Gantt chart feature, please refer to Gantt Chart in EdrawMax, EdrawMind and EdrawProj.
2. How to activate with the license code?
1) Go to the edraw install folder.
2) Right click the EdrawProj.exe. Choose the "Run As Administrator..." item in the right click menu. Then edraw launch.
3) Switch to the Help menu. Click the "Activate" button.
4) Fill in your license name and license code in the Registration dialog and click Activate again.
3. How many computers can I use with 1 license code?
An individual license code is for one user to activate on two computers. Generally, we consider one license for your home computer and another one for your work computer.
4. When I change computer, what should I do?
Please make sure your license code is in the maintenance valid date. To transfer computer, please deactivate your license code from the old computer or system first, then activate it on the new one.
Deactivate from "Help" menu > "Deactivation" button. If you do not find any "Deactivation" icon on your software, please send your license code and order information to support@edrawsoft.com.
5. Why it still shows "unlicensed version" after a correct and successful activation?
There are 3 reasons which might cause this issue, please check.
1) You don't have the right to write in C:\ drive. Please uninstall Edraw from C:\ and install it in D:\edrawproject, then use the "Run As Administrator" to open and activate the program.
2) This issue might also be caused by your local network firewall restriction. It's better to use manual activation, because through manual activation, it's activated from our server directly, which will not affected by your local network protection.
3) Linux needs root privilege to run then activate.
6. In what condition you need to do a deactivation?
1) When you need to change computer.
2) When you need to re-install your computer system.
7. Can I activate Edraw without the internet access?
Yes. You can use manual activation which doesn't require internet access. Learn how to do a manual activation from: Activate Edraw Software without Internet.
8. What's the lifetime license?
Your original purchase of Edraw product is for lifetime use. Your license will not expire, and no annual subscription fees are required. Lifetime license also includes all future updates and version upgrades.
9. What's the perpetual license?
A perpetual license allows customers to use the licensed software indefinitely. For the first three years, the perpetual license also entitles the customer to download all updates and to receive technical support. After the three years period ends, customers can choose to remain with the last version downloaded or to purchase another three years Updates & Support package, for 30% of the license price. There are no penalties for letting Updates & Support lapse for a while before purchasing an update package.
10. What's the subscription license?
A subscription license allows customers to use the licensed software for one year, and entitles customers to download all updates to the software and to receive technical support within maintenance period. After the one year period ends, the software will be no longer functional unless a new renewal is purchased.
11. What's the difference between site license and single user license?
Both of them can activate EdrawProj Pro Version. The single user license can only be used by one user. With a wide site license (or multi-user license), you get a single license code that is good for all computers/users under a certain quantity you purchased.
12. How and when can I receive the license code after paid?
License code will be sent automatically within minutes to your order email. If you don't receive any email after payment, please send your order ID to support@edrawsoft.com.
13. How to retrieve my license code if it's lost?
You can visit this web page to get back your license code.
14. Error message "This license code has expired."
Your license is expired to activate. You can renew your license in ourEdraw Products Renew & Upgrade Center.
15. Will it be possible to change the license email?
If user no longer uses his order email, he can apply to change order email by sending request to support@edrawsoft.com
16. Can I add additional license to the existing license code?
Yes. Please send the original license code and additional license quantity you need to support@edrawsoft.com for more information.
17. I bought a Windows version, now I want to change license code to Mac version, is that possible? (Can the same license key be used on both Windows and Mac OS?)
A license code can be activated on Windows, MacOS and Linux.
1. Where to download trial version?
You can download the latest version from EdrawProj Download Page.
2. How to install EdrawProj?
Double click the .exe file you downloaded and follow the instructions to install.
3. How to uninstall EdrawProj?
Go to the install folder, double click the uninstall.exe file to uninstall.
4. How to uninstall EdrawProj on Linux system?
On Linux system, you need to delete the whole Edraw install folder to uninstall it.
5. How to recover a lost document when there is an unexpected shutdown?
Whether your computer automatically shut down or crashed because of a technical glitch, any documents that were open and being worked on prior to the shut down won't be lost. The next time you open EdrawProj, a pop-up window will let you recover your unsaved files. Also, you can visit C:\\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\Edraw folder to find auto saved files.
6. I sign in my email and it said: Invalid account! Network Error
If you need to activate the software, please find "Activate" button in "Help" menu, and to enter the license code to activate the software to use. If you already activated the software, please sign up your email account first and then to log in with this register email to use the cloud storage service.
7. Where to find auto saved files?
Windows: C:\\Users\your user name\AppData\Local\Edraw
Mac: Users\your user name\Libraries\Edraw\
8. How to uninstall Edraw from Linux?
Follow the instructions below to uninstall EdrawProj from your Linux computer:
1) rm -rf /opt/edrawproject/
2) rm -f /usr/share/icons/edrawproject.png
3) rm -f /usr/share/applications/edrawproject.desktop
4) rm -f /usr/share/mime/packages/edrawproject.xml
5) rm -f /usr/share/icons/gnome/scalable/mimetypes/edpx.svg
9. How to uninstall Edraw form Mac OS?
Follow the instructions below to uninstall EdrawProj from your Mac:
1) Open Finder.
2) Click Applications.
3) Find EdrawProj.
4) Select the app.
5) Click the File menu.
6) Click Move to Trash.
7) Click and hold the Trash icon.
8) Click Empty Trash.
10. How to have a clean installation?
1) Uninstall your EdrawProj from your computer.
2) Remove the temporary folder. Path: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Edraw
3) Download the latest version of EdrawProj and install it in a completely new folder.
4) Activate the newly installed EdrawProj with your license code.
11. How to save files when EdrawProj trial version expires?
The Save and Save as buttons will turn gray when the trial version is expired.
12. How to check whether EdrawProj is successfully activated or not?
Go to the Help tab and click About to view the license status. If the software is activated, the About EdrawProj window will pop up and display the license type information.
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