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Select Shape

When you want to make changes on shapes, you need to select them on the drawing page at first.

To select an individual shape: move the cursor over the shape, and click to select the shape when the cursor turns into a four-headed arrow.

select a shape

To select multiple shapes, you can achieve it via the following 3 ways:

  • Select one shape, then press Shift or Ctrl and click other shapes.
  • Place the cursor on the blank area of the drawing page, and drag it to create a selection box and embrace the multiple shapes.
  • select multiple shapes
  • Right-click the blank area of the drawing page, and choose Select All Shapes or Select by Type > Shape in the context menu. If you just want to select some shapes, not all shapes, please don’t use this feature.
  • select all shapes

If you accidentally select extra shapes, you can

  • Click any blank area on the drawing page to deselect all shapes.
  • Press Shift or Ctrl key and click the extra shape to deselect it.

The reference shape in the selection box has a thick magenta border and you can press Tab to switch it.