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Page Setup

To open Page Setup pane, you can

  • Click Page Setup icon page setup icon on the right sidebar;
  • Press F6
  • Click File tab > Page Setup
  • file tab

There are a set of setting options on the Page Setup pane, which including:

  1. Add & Remove Background: to add or remove background colors on the page and you can change the colors on the color menu.
  2. Page Setup
    • Auto Size: to automatically adjust page size when you tick this option.
    • Predefined: to select the pre-defined page size in the drop-down list.
    • Custom: to set customizable page size by changing size numbers and unit.
    • Orientation: to give pages a portrait or landscape layout.
    • Unit: to choose a suitable measurement unit for pages.
  3. Page Number: to change page number styles and positions.
  4. Fit to: to fit the page size to the drawing window.
  5. Grid
    • Fit to Ruler: to fit the unit size of the grid to the ruler.
    • Horizontal/Vertical Spacing: to increase or decrease the horizontal or vertical spacing of the grid by reducing or adding the corresponding spacing numbers.
    • Horizontal/Vertical Subdivisions: to increase or decrease the numbers of horizontal or vertical subdivisions by adding or reducing the corresponding subdivision numbers.
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