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Create a Blank Org Chart

To create a blank org chart, you need to select Organizational Chart in the diagram category list and click the Add icon.

org chart-example

To create an organizational chart automatically, you can

  1. Click Org Chart icon org chart icon on the right sidebar to open Organizational Chart pane;
  2. org chart pane
  3. Click Import button on the pane or go to File tab, click Import Data and choose Orgchart to start Data Import Wizard;
  4. org data import wizard
  5. Choose the data file including the employee information in your computer and click Next;
  6. On the second page of the wizard, identify the columns for employee name and reports to and then click Next;
  7. org data import wizard
  8. 5. On the third page of the wizard, choose the column that you would like to show, then click Done.
  9. org data import wizard