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Insert Special Object

Insert Map

To insert a map, you can

  1. Go to Insert tab and choose Map, or press Ctrl + Alt + M;
  2. In the pop-up Insert Map window, choose the desired map in the World or Country category;
  3. insert map window
  4. Click Insert.

Insert Math Equation

To insert a math equation, you can

  1. Go to Insert tab and choose Math Equation, or press Ctrl + Alt + E;
  2. In the pop-up EdrawMath window, edit the math equations that you want with the built-in text tools and math symbols;
  3. edrawmath window
  4. 3. When finished, click OK.

Insert QR Code

To insert a QR code, you can

  1. Go to Insert tab and choose QR Code, or press Ctrl + Alt + Q;
  2. In the pop-up Insert QR Code window, input the web link and the program auto-create the corresponding QR code;
  3. Adjust the margin and code quality, and upload or remove logos optionally;
  4. insert qr code window
  5. Click OK.

Insert Watermark

To insert a a QR code, you can

  1. Go to Insert tab and choose Watermark;
  2. In the pop-up Insert Watermark window, choose to add text watermark or no watermark;
  3. insert watermark window
  4. If you want to add text watermark, type the text, choose the desired font type, font size, font color and font layout. You can also select whether the watermark is semitransparent or not;
  5. Click OK.

To modify watermark, you can

  1. Click Page Setup button on the right sidebar to open Page pane;
  2. Click Watermark button to open Insert Watermark window;
  3. watermark on page pane
  4. Modify the watermark settings to the desired ones;
  5. When finished, click OK.