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There are 3 kinds of connectors in EdrawMax, which are respectively:

  • Elbow Connector
  • Curved Connector
  • Straight Connector
  • connector button

Add Connector

To add a connector between shapes, you can

  • Click Connector button on the ribbon, choose the desired connector style and draw the connection line between shapes.
  • Right-click on the page without selecting any shape, choose Add Connector in the context menu to draw a default right-angle connection line.

To glue an endpoint of the connector to the other shape, drag the endpoint to one of the other shape's connection points; when a red crossroad symbol appears above the connection point, release it.

add connector

Delete Connector

To delete a connector, you can

  • Right-click on the connector and choose Delete in the context menu;
  • Select the connector and press Delete button on the keyboard.

If you need to delete several connectors at a time, you can select one of them, then press Ctrl key and choose other connectors so that you are able to delete them together.

Adjust Connector

To adjust a connector, you can

  1. Select the connector;
  2. Place the cursor on the control handles of the connection line;
  3. When the cursor turns into a two-way arrow or four-way arrow, drag the control handles to change the path of the connector.
  4. adjust connector adjust connector

Convert Connector

To convert connector styles, you can

  1. Select the connector whose style you would like to change;
  2. Right-click on it and choose the desired Convert to… option in the context menu;
  3. convert connector
  4. Or click Line Style button on the ribbon, go to Connector Style and choose the desired connector style.
  5. convert connector