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Know it All about Business Card

If you are about to launch a business, don't forget to publish your business cards in large numbers. Business cards are an essential aspect of growing your business. In this digital age, both hardcopy and softcopy of your business card are important.

Think about whether you have to meet the potential clients, or you have to meet the investors, etc.

It would be best if you left with them the watermark of your business, so the name of your business passes their minds continuously. The physical business cards let you grow in the industry simply by sharing your information all over the place.

It is vital to make a unique business card to make you stand out in the market. In this article, we will see what the business card is, its examples, and some frequently asked questions related to the business card.

Business Card

In simple words, the business card is a piece of card that depicts information about your business. You publish them when your business starts and give them whenever you meet the people necessary for your business growth and leave with them a memory of your meeting in the shape of a business card. So, it is crucial to make your business card rich with necessary information like your business email, contact number, address, etc.

Professional Business Card Example

In this section, we will get inspiration from different business cards styles, designs, and ideas. You can catch the ideas from here and make your own to grow your business.

Professional Business Card

Image Source: Pinterest

The business card should contain the company logo at the front and a little phrase that best describes your business.

On the back of the card, you can publish information necessary to grow your business, like your name and your job in the business, the business's physical location, business email, contact number, business website, or QR code, etc.

The card design should be appealing and rich with necessary symbols and logos.

Artist Business Card Example

Artist Business Card

Image Source: Pinterest

The important thing about the artist's business card is that your card should depict that you are the best painter and artist. So, design your business card accordingly.

Front of the Card

On the front of the card, show the best art possible because as an artist, your first impression is on the front of the card, and it will make people turn over the card to see who is the best artist in the town.

The Back

On the back, give the necessary information: your portfolio website where you have uploaded the pictures of your projects, address, contact number, email, etc.


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Real Estate Business Card Example

Real Estate Business Card

Image Source: Pinterest

Real estate business cards should best depict themselves by showing the pictures of houses on the front of the card. And on the same side, you can also provide your information.

The best practice would be the luxury house pictures, with your business logo and a little slogan describing your services should be on the front and the backside to publish your information. You can also add your portfolio describing your experience and projects.

Construction Business Card Example

Construction Business Card

Image Source: Pinterest

Whether you are a civil engineer or an architect, or you are a builder. You should make your card in a way that describes your profession. See the above example, it shows the company name and personal information, and it is quickly analyzable that it is the business card of the constructor.

In the back, you can share your information and past projects in the form of a website.

Landscaping Business Card Example

Landscaping Business Card

Image Source: Pinterest

The card shows why it is published and why this business was launched. As a business owner, you should also pay attention to such kinds of things when making your card.

In this type of landscaping business, it is unnecessary to make your logo, but for creativity, you should make an attractive slogan to make your business louder. Share your business information on the same page.

Personal Business Card Example

Personal Business Card

Image Source: Pinterest

It is the best example of a personal business card. Your name should be on the front of the card in a beautiful font plus, the design pattern on the card should be eye-catching.

You should share all your information on the back, like your social accounts Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Also, share your email and phone number.

Photography Business Card Example

Photography Business Card

Image Source: Pinterest

Describe your business in the shape of a picture or your project on the front page. Your logo should be unique and showcasing your purpose and service.

Share your information like address, website, email, contact number, QR code, etc.

Vertical Business Card Example

Vertical Business Card

Image Source: Pinterest

The vertical business cards are modern in design and look unique and appealing. You can also design your business card in a vertical order.

Start by printing your company's logo and a little slogan describing your service with beautiful design patterns on the front. In the back, with beautiful design, share your information in the form of symbols and beautiful fonts, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section, we will get the answers to some frequently asked questions related to the business card. The questions usually come to mind regarding business cards are.

Q1: What is Usually on a Business Card?

The business cards include the business logo and a little phrase that describes your business on the front. In the back, the business card shows your business information like email, contact number, location, website, social media accounts, etc.

Q2: What is the Standard Size for a Business Card?

The standard business card is 3.5 x 2 inches. It is for both horizontal and vertical business cards.

Q3: Should You Put a QR Code on Your Business Card?

It would be your best practice for customers to easily show the QR code on the business card. It simply makes the customer or client scan the QR code that would redirect it to your business website rather than typing the long names by the client.


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