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Types of Map - Overview

> Edraw Knowledge > Types of Map - Overview
Posted by James Freeman | 01/28/2021
Edraw defines some map types, and divides them into three categories. Every map type has specific shapes and examples.

Geo Map Software - Africa, Asia, Australia

Geo Map Software - Europe, America

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Geo Map - It's easy to use the full geographic reach of your business with our geological mapping software. You can use the shapes to create your own customized maps or to add map shapes to existing diagrams.

directional map

Directional Map - For commercial building design, space plans, architectural layout, construction documents, structural diagrams, and facility planning.

3d directional map

City Subway Map

City Subway Map Example

Web Site Map - help you maintain and troubleshoot your site. Use them to analyze your site's organization and to classify its content. Site maps are particularly helpful when you inherit sites you're not familiar with.

Web Site Map

Concept Site Map - A well-organized Web site begins with a plan. The first step in developing this plan is to brainstorm about the big picture - the site's purpose, content, and overall organization. You can stimulate this discussion by creating a high-level, conceptual diagram of your new Web site using the Conceptual Web Site template.

Conceptual Website

General Diagram Types - Overview

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Types of Project Management Diagram

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Types of Business Form

Types of Engineering Diagram

Types of Floor Plan

Types of Science Illustration

Types of Database Diagram

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