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How to Edit Topics in MindMaster

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Posted by Daniel Belisario | 01/08/2021
This article will show you a number of tips about how to edit topics. You can move, delete, cut, copy, paste, edit topic text, select and find your topics in MindMaster. A series of shortcuts will also be included.

Move Topics

To move a topic, you can drag and drop it to the targeted position. You can also use the shortcut key to move a topic up, down, left, or right within the same level.

Drag and Drop to Move a Topic

You can freely re-position any subtopic on your mind map by simply clicking and dragging it to a new position. A visual sign appears showing where the topics will be moved to. Any of your topics (except central topic) and topic branch can be rearranged and moved into any parent, sub or main topics.

drag and drop topics

Keyboard Shortcuts for Moving Topics

Below are keyboard shortcuts for moving topics.



Move up one place

Ctrl + Shift + Up

Move down one place

Ctrl + Shift + Down

Move to beginning

Ctrl + Shift + Home

Move to end

Ctrl + Shift + End

Move to left

Ctrl + Shift + Left

Move to right

Ctrl + Shift + Right

Delete Topics


Delete Selected Topic

You can delete a selected topic only and keep its subtopics not deleted.

  • Select the target topic.
  • Right-Click and choose Delete Selected Topic.
  • The selected topic will be deleted.
  • The remaining subtopics will be promoted up one level.

delete a topic

Delete Selected Topic and all Its Subtopics

You can delete a topic including all its subtopics and callouts.

1. Select a topic.

2. Right-Click and then select Delete.

3. The topic and all its subtopics will be deleted.

delete selected topics

Cut, Copy and Paste Topics

(Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C; Ctrl+V)
Use copy and paste, you can quickly duplicate a topic or branch and paste it as a floating topic or as a subtopic of selected topics.

1. Select the topic or branch that you want to copy.

2. Go to Home tab and click the Copy button (or press Ctrl + C).

3. Select a topic or click on blank area and click Paste button (or press Ctrl + V).


You can use cut and paste to move a topic from one place to another.

Edit Topic Content

You can double click on a topic shape to edit topic content. Below are shortcuts to help you quickly edit topic contents. 



Start edit mode


Start edit mode with a cursor at the end of the text


Start edit mode with a cursor at the beginning of the text

Shift + Spacebar

Finish editing

Enter / Esc

Enter line break in topic

Shift + Enter / Ctrl + Enter

Move to beginning of a line


Move to beginning of a topic text

Ctrl + Home

Move to end of topic text

Ctrl + End

Cancel editing topic



Ctrl + F

Find next


Spelling check


Select Topics

You can select topics by topic types or levels. Right-Click and choose the topics you want to select. You can select:

  • All topics
  • All peers
  • All parents
  • All branches
  • Next level
  • All relationships
  • All boundaries
  • All summaries
  • All floating topics
  • All callouts

select topics

Find Topics

You can find text in the topics, labels, boundary, callout, summary, or notes quickly.

  • Use shortcut: Ctrl+F.
  • Click Find & Replace button on the Advanced tab.

 find and replace

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