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Create Your First Mind Map

Use a Template

Open MindMaster, you will see the template page at first. There are 12 different structures that you can choose on the template banner. Besides, you can save time by starting from a MindMaster template.

Once you find a template that you want to create, double-click the template thumbnail, then you will be redirected to the workspace, where you can edit and change the template as you like.

use a template

Start from Scratch

Click one of the icons on the template banner or click the New button on the Quick Access Toolbar, a blank document with the central node open in the workspace.

Use the commands of adding topics on the Home tab and insert different topics under the Main Idea. When you do that, you can edit the text on the topics and change the styles with formatting tools.

start from scratch

Now, MindMaster supports to add multiple pages in one mind map document. You can click the plus icon on the bottom of the canvas to add more pages. When you right-click on the page name, you can also choose to rename or copy the page on the context menu.

multiple sheets

Besides, you can click the preview button on the bottom left of the interface to open the preview pane of the mind map, where you can see all the thumbnails of the pages.