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Posted by Chelsea Yang | 01/08/2021
MindMaster is designed for creating fresh new visual innovations and structuring your ideas. Getting started with MindMaster easily for problem-solving, time management, business strategy or project management.

This article will show you a series of important and attractive features of MindMaster. Using the software is very easy even if you are just a mind mapping beginner. The functions listed in below are only part of the MindMaster tools, so you can explore more cool ones by yourself!

User Installation

Once you have ordered, you will receive an unique License Code and License Name. Then you should go to the MindMaster install folder, right-click the MindMaster.exe, and run the file as administrator in the right-click menu.

User Activation

Activating with MindMaster is easy. Once successfully installed, please click the Activation button in the menu bar of the software and input your License No. and Name, and finally click the Activate button.

user activation mindmaster

User Deactivation

If you want to move your MindMaster account from one device to the other, please deactivate your current account. Simply click the Deactivate in the menu bar so your current license will turn to the unlicensed condition. Please note deactivation can only be done once for every 30-days. You can find back your MindMaster account password by simply clicking the Lost password option in the Sign In window.

MindMaster Interface

The interface shows the initial and overall window where you can create mind maps. You can see File Tabs, the Quick Access Tool Bar, Ribbons, Right-side Bar and Status Bar at the bottom.
mindmaster interface details

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Quick Access Tool Bar

From here you can see the Undo/Redo, Adding new Tasks, Open Files, Save, Print and the Export to Office functions. You can also hide or add any of these functions by clicking the mini Down Arrow at the right.


1. Home Tab

From the Home tab you can insert any kinds of topics, relationships, callouts, various marks, cliparts, images, hyperlinks, attachments, notes, comments or tags; copy or paste your new branches, adding new layouts, numbering your topics, or set values for your topic sizes. If you are not satisfied with your final work, just click the Reset button at the right top corner of Home tab.

ribbon home tab

2. Page Style

From the Page Style tab you can edit font and colors of your themes, choose different theme style including Rainbow design and Hand-Drawn; You can even edit or remove the Background of your mind map, or custom your own Watermark.

page style

3. Slideshow

From the Slideshow tab you can create slides one-by-one, or auto-set your slides in order. Feel free to edit or remove any content in your slide pages and once finished, you can preview your work in full screen, export in PPT format or print.

slide show mindmaster

4. Advanced

The Advanced option lets you to create, edit and export Gantt Chart. You can double-check your work via the Find and Replace, Spelling Check functions, or adding new font symbols to your mind map. You can use the File Recovery feature to save your work in case of accidents (laptop power-off).

advanced functions in mindmaster

5. View

The View tab shows your different preview options. You can either choose to display all of your mind map levels, or just focus on single topics. At the middle of the tab is the Drill and Show Branches functions. At the right side of the bar, you can zoom in or out your mind map, or adjust your current page width.

view in mindmaster

6. Help

If you are not sure about certain features of MindMaster, you can easily find related guides including Tutorial, FAQ, Contact Us and many useful Keyboard shortcuts. Keeping your software up-to-date just in case you do not miss anything new.

help functions in mindmaster

Right-Side Bar

1. Page

The Right-Side Bar has 5 sub-functions: Page, Outline, Mark, Task Panel and Clipart. In the Page section, you can change your map overall style, restructure your map, change your map line curve format or numbering your map. Further functions including edit your map background and watermark, or switch into Hand-Drawn style.

mindmaster right side bar page

2. Outline

In the Outline tab, you can choose either to show or hide part or all of your main or sub-topics. At the top right corner, you can export files by clicking one of the mini corns. This function will effectively assist you such as business project management.

outline functions

3. Mark

Here you can see various colorful mark designs including faces, progress symbols, flags, and arrows. For the series of mini buttons at the top right-side you can choose to order these marks either in vertically or horizontally, or add new marks and tags. This function is especially useful for project management.

mindmaster mark

4. Task Panel

The Task Panel lets you set Gantt Chart for your mind map. Once input your preferred Start and End dates, Duration, your resources, priority setting, and progress, then simply click the first middle-right button to show your chart. You can also add or delete current tasks.

task panel in mindmaster

5. Clipart

The Clipart in MindMaster includes a consider number of original designed icons from Animal to Technology category. Feel free to move any of them to your current mind map, or you can directly search for your preferred ones in the top search blank.

clipart in mindmaster

6. Quick Color Bar

This bar here shows you the color spectrum from warm to cold colors. It is a quick-set tool for you to fill in any kinds of in-text details of your mind maps.

Status Bar

status bar mindmaster

From here you can adjust the overall size of your current page in order to fit the whole window or in full screen.

MindMaster System Requirements

Please make sure you are always with the latest version of MindMaster.

  • Windows: 7, 8, 10, XP, 2000, 2003, Vista and Citrix
  • Mac: 10.8+
  • Linux: Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, OpenSUSE, Mint, Knoppix, RedHat, Gentoo etc.

For Further Assistance 

If you have further problems including, registration or lost your license key, please contact support@edrawsoft.com

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