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How to Use Gantt Chart View in a Mind Map - MindMaster Software

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Posted by James Freeman | 01/08/2021
Gantt Chart is effective for monitoring project status and process with visual tasks bars. You can manage task information directly in the Gantt chart view. When you make changes to the task information in the Gantt chart view, the associated information will be also changed on the mind map.

Open/Close the Gantt Chart View Panel

  1. There are two ways to open the Gantt Chart panel.
  • Click Advanced in the menu bar and then click Gant Chart.
  • Click Task Panel and then click the icon of Gantt chart view under Setting Task column.
  • Create Gantt Button MindMaster

  1. Click the above buttons again, you can close the Gantt chart view panel.

Set Gantt Chart Options

From the Gantt chart option menu, you can set date format, major and minor unit, select work days, set whole project start and end time.
  1. To open the Gantt chart setting dialogue, you can use 1 of the two ways.
  • Click Advanced in the menu bar and then click Gant Chart Option.
  • Go to Task Panel on the right sidebar and then click the icon of Gantt Chart Options.
  • Set Gantt Chart MindMaster

  1. Edit Gantt chart setting options from in the Gantt chart option dialogue.
  • Select date format in drop-drag Date Format menu.
  • Select working days for tasks.
  • Select Major Unit and Minor Unit for fixing time coordinate.
  • Adjust Start Time and Finish Time.
  • Gantt Chart Option MindMaster

Modify task info in the view

Each task is presented as a task bar in the Gantt chart. You can move or drag the task bar to change its start and end date. You can also build task dependency on the Gantt view.

  • Rename Task

Double click the cell in Task Name column to rename the task.

    Change Task Name

  • Change Task Start and End Date

Drag the right border of the bar to change the bar length. Select and move the bar to change its position on the calendar.

    Change Task Date

  • Change Task Complete %

    Put the cursor on the left border of the task bar, hold the mouse and drag to the right direction, and a green area will show up. This green area means how much the task has been completed.

  • Change Task Complete

  • Build Task Dependency

    Click on a task bar, hold the mouse and drag it to another task bar, then a relationship will be created.

  • Build Task Dependency

  • Change the Date Unit Size

    Click the “+” and “-” button on the top right corner can change the date unit size.

    Change Date Unit

Export Gantt chart

The export Gantt chart function will help you save the Gantt chart in PDF format, which is convenient for you to print or share the Gantt chart with others. 

  • Go to Advanced tab in the ribbon and click Export Gant Chart button.
  • Type a name of your Gantt chart in the saving window.
  • Click Save.

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