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Posted by Chelsea Yang | 01/08/2021
A theme to a mind map is what a suit is to a businessman. It decides the appearance of your mind map to a certain extent. Read this page to learn how to apply a theme to your mind map in Mindmaster software.

A map's overall appearance or default "look" is determined by its underlying map Theme. A map Theme is a collection of the default format settings used for the various types of elements in your map, including a set of theme colors, theme fonts (both heading and body text fonts), and theme effects (both lines and fill effects).

Apply a Theme

  1. Select the Main Idea shape or select nothing.
  2. Click on Page Style on the Home tab → Theme, then the thumbnails of all available themes show below.
  3. Drag the scroll bar to choose your desired theme.
  4. Apply a theme to your mind map.

Change Theme Style, Font and Color

The automatic format for topics and objects on your map is determined by the map's theme. After selecting a theme, you can apply format to topics and objects on the map with one click. The format you choose will be applied to your currently selected theme.

  1. Click on the map background, then the Page setting task pane will appear.
  2. Change the style, font and color of a theme.
  3. Click on the buttons above to change overall theme shape, theme font and theme color of your map respectively.

Example: Apply a Theme to Your Map in One Click

Example-Apply a Theme to Your Map in One Click

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