How to Make a Genogram in Word

Draw members and connect them with each other

The Definition of Genogram

What is GENOGRAM? You may wonder. But you must hear about the family map or family tree. GENOGRAM is similar to a family map that uses special symbols to illustrate relationships, significant events, and the changing aspects of a family over multiple generations. The typical family tree or we can call it conventional family trees, might have the names of family members and relationships statement with the images; however, the genogram serves a unique purpose that tells the information of this family.

The Puprose of Genogram

A genogram contains information about relationships and interactions between the family members for other people to understand one family's component and information. For instants, a family map might show people that "Tom and Christ are married," while a genogram could tell that "Tom and Christ are married, but they divorced recently." Thus, the genogram is cherished information for the descendant when they want to record their family history through the people who lives of its members.

Like the picture below, this is a genogram that downloads from Edraw.

alzheimer medical genogram

We can tell there is an Alzheimer's Medical Genogram of a family. The symbols with yellow represent have Alzheimer gene. Moreover, the explanation is provided at the bottom of the genogram, which gives the reader a clear vision.

Symbols of Genogram

There are many different symbols in this picture: square, circle, rectangle, and so on. Those symbols are connected by a line that component a complete genogram.

When you open the EdrawMax and try to make your genogram, you can see many symbols on the left screen that you can use in your creation. However, before you use it, you should understand what those symbols stand for.



Source: therapistaid

It is clear that the square represents male, the circle represents female, and the rest of the two are represented transgender, which is easy to understand and use.

The Types of Lines

The Types of Lines

Source: therapistaid

This picture shows descriptive symbols as you can tell that there are diagonals on the top of the family relationship line. According to Genograms for Psychotherapy (Guide)(2016), two diagonals mean divorced, one means separated, and the X means widowed. You can use those of them to express what you want to the expression on your family genogram.

Emotional Relationships

Emotional Relationships

Source: therapistaid

What is an emotional relationship? A line that connects two people symbols illustrated the emotional relationships of the family genogram. For instance, estranged relationships, friendship, physical abuse, and so on can be shown in the genogram by using lines correctly.



Source: therapistaid

There is an order for defining the children's age from left to right, represented oldest to youngest. The dotted line connected the adopted child, and the twins should be connected.

How to Make a Genogram in Word?

Many people may be confused by making a genogram in on Microsoft Word, which is a text-editing application. How do I create a genogram using Word? The answer is simple; let's do it together.

The first step, open a blank document in Microsoft Word, no matter the 2007 or 2016 version; without a doubt, Word 2016 is better. The second step is to click the "Insert" button and then select the "Shape" button to choose a square or circle representing male and female in your family genogram.

Then click and drag to draw lines as needed. Making a connection between two symbols. Click the first shape to attach a line to. The next step is to continue increasing symbols and lines until you have finished creating your genogram.

As you can see in the picture below, I drew a genogram using Microsoft Word 2016. It is easy to understand what I want to express to these three generations. You can change the color you like and add age or mark the life or death of one person's situation.

Make a Genogram in Word

Finally, click the save button to save your work that you can revise it at any time.


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Creating Your Genogram Easily

How to make a genogram easily? Using EdrawMax to create your own genogram. The first step is to open EdrawMax, choose the Science and Education part, and select the Genogram.

open EdrawMax

The second step is to select the symbols you can choose from the left part to match your genogram and then click and drag it from the left side to the right side. It is easy to use EdrawMax to draw a genogram because they offer all different items.

add symbol

Moreover, you can see the picture below. Put the mouse onto the symbols that you can see there is an explanation of this symbol. That works on each symbol, EdrawMax provides the biggest convenience for users to create a perfect and satisfactory genogram.

As you can see the HOME tab, there are many tools that you can use, such as shape, text, connector, and so on, which are easy for beginners to make and modify the diagram.

Make a Genogram in EdrawMax

The last step is to save it as a file, and you can open and revise it at anytime with anybody.

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