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Genogram symbols are a graphic method of showing family relations within a social network. They were invented by Dr. Robert Young and Dr. Thomas O'Neil in the 1980s. The family tree symbol represents direct parents and their children. The family ring represents immediate family (mother, father, siblings, and grandparents). The family oval shows the broader network of family, and the family line symbol shows extended families. The genogram shows who your parents, grandparents, and ancestors were, which family members were married, and their relationship to each other-it shows where the family was born. Lived-it can help us see the different sides of our family, both in history and in current life.

Genogram symbols cover

1. What Are the Genogram Symbols

Genogram symbols are a method of communicating the meaning of relationships between family members or generally between two individuals or more. Genogram symbols are a method of communicating the meaning of relationships between family members or generally between two individuals or more. They can be used for the child's birth date, occupation, hobbies, and physical description. The symbols used in a genogram are commonly drawn using circles and lines. Genogram symbols are also used on posters representing information such as a child's age.

They can be used to explore family dynamics and relationships, aid family counseling and therapy, and help people understand their personal history, including the circumstances that might have led to their present circumstances.

Genogram Symbols:

Genogram symbols are a method of communicating the meaning of relationships between family members or generally between two individuals or more.

2. The Types of Genogram Symbols

As far as the types of genogram symbols are concerned, they can be subdivided further into multiple kinds as per use. A genogram is made up of a table organized into sections. The first section contains the main person or persons in the genogram. The second section includes the primary relationships. The third section contains secondary relationships. The fourth section contains tertiary relationships. The last area is optional and consists of any notes about the genogram. Following are some basic types of genogram symbols:

2.1 Basic Genogram Symbols

Basic genogram symbols carry necessary information of a person: gender, birth, and age, immigration, sexual orientation and pregnancy situation, etc. Genogram symbols usually display the date of birth (and date of death if applicable) above the box, and the name of the individual underneath. The inside of the symbol will hold the person's current age or various codes for genetic disease or user-defined properties: abortions, still-births, SIDS, cohabitation, etc.

Basic Genogram Symbols

Source: EdrawMax

2.2 Family Relationship Symbols

Is a family relationship a genogram similar to a family tree? The answer is NO. A family relationship genogram conveys much more information and is way more complicated than a family tree. Referring to family relationships, you can illustrate whether a couple is married, engaged, common-law, divorced, or separated with simple color-coded lines and symbols.

Family Relationship Symbols

Source: EdrawMax

2.3 Emotional Relationship Symbols

Emotional relationship symbols are used to describe the emotional bond between any two individuals in the genogram. For example, you can tell whether a couple is in love or not by checking the connecting lines' colors. Usually, green means a couple is in a harmonious relationship, while red implicates the conflicts between them. Be careful; if you happen to see the blue lines in the diagram, there are domestic abuses in this family.

Emotional Relationship Symbols

Source: EdrawMax

2.4 Medical Genogram Symbols

Medical genogram symbols play the most crucial role in genograms. Medical genograms provide a quick and scientific context that indicates the possibility of an individual's health risks. Here I divide medical genogram symbols into two parts according to their appearance - colored or monochrome.

Monochrome Medical Genogram Symbols

By structuring the diseases and conditions in a family, a medical genogram can help you take precautions to avoid genetic diseases and illnesses if you are going to have a baby.

Monochrome Medical Genogram Symbols

Source: EdrawMax

Colored Medical Genogram Symbols

The colored medical genogram symbols consist of all common genetic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, down syndrome, depression, and asthma, etc.

Colored Medical Genogram Symbols

Source: EdrawMax


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3. Where to Find Genogram Symbols

It would help if you had proper genogram symbols to create a genogram with details and a clear representation of each component. You can easily find genogram symbols in the symbol library of EdrawMax.

You can easily find genogram symbols in the symbol library of EdrawMax. EdrawMax gives you more than 26000 symbols that you can use to create a genogram or any other diagram. You can go and search for the symbols you want in EdrawMax and click on the genogram. Go to the genogram category and use a simple drag and drop to add any symbol you want.

EdrawMax Genogram Symbols:

EdrawMax is the best resources for genogram symbols, you can find hundreds of genogram symbols here. Just drag and drop, you can create genogram easily.

4. How to Use Genogram Symbols

Follow these instructions to learn how to use genogram symbols and easily create more genogram symbols with EdrawMax.

4.1 How to Use Genogram Symbols in EdrawMax

Instead of wasting time drawing the genogram symbols or icons on paper, you should look for a way to design a genogram easily. EdrawMax is well equipped to design a genogram.

Step1 Login EdrawMax

If you are new here, you should use your Email to register EdrawMax, but if you're already the EdrawMax's user, you just need to login EdrawMax for free. Open EdrawMax select "Basic", and click "Genogram", then open a new canvas or just open a built-in template.

how to use Genogram symbols

Step2 Select Genogram Symbols

Unlike physical drawing, EdrawMax helps to create a genogram easily. In the symbol section of EdrawMax, you will find over 260,000 vector-based symbols that you can use in your designs. In EdrawMax, you can find genogram symbols in Symbol Libraries on the left toolbar. You can click on the "+" option to open a new canvas to make your genogram. On the left side of the canvas, you will see a symbol library with many genogram symbols. You can search for specific symbols in the search bar.

how to use genogram symbols

Step3 Drag and Drop

Once you find the proper genogram symbols you want, just drag and drop the symbols to the canvas easily. Keep customizing by choosing the right symbols, proper scale or dimensions, and adding more details, like color, font, and etc. When completed your genogram, you can export your file or share your design effortlessly. Learn more genogram guide here if necessary.

how to use Genogram symbols

4.2 How to Create More Genogram Symbols in EdrawMax

EdrawMax provides you with thousands of symbols to create your diagram. Sometimes you want to use unique or personalized symbols in your diagram that are not in the library. EdrawMax gives you a simple solution to this problem. Follow these steps when you don't find the genogram symbols you want or you wish to create your symbols to make your diagram.

Step1 Find Symbol Tool

If you can't find any symbol similar to the one you want, you can use the pencil tool, pen tool, and anchor tool to draw your personalized genogram symbols. It is much easier to draw the symbol you want on EdrawMax instead of searching for the one that suits your requirements. You can also save your symbol in the library for later use.

  • Select "Symbols" on the upper Toolbar;
  • Use "Pencil Tool", "Pen Tool", "Anchor Tool" to create garden symbol from very beginning;
  • Choose "Union", "Combine", "Subtract", "Fragment", "Intersect", "Smart Shape" to make your symbols.

how to create more Genogram symbols

Step2 Create Genogram Symbols

When you create a genogram, make sure that the size, design, and other attributes of your icon go along with other genogram symbols. Follow these steps to draw perfect genogram symbols.

  • Make your genogram and infrastructure icon square symbol in a circular shape.
  • You can use various pen styles to make different parts of your symbol.
  • Make sure that the illustration inside the shape does not overlap it.

how to create more Genogram symbols

Step3 Import Genogram Symbols

Except for creating new genogram symbols in EdrawMax, you can import genogram symbols from your end. Find "Insert" on the top navigate toolbar, and import images to turn into symbols. Or click the thrid option of the right toolbar to insert images faster.

how to create more Genogram symbols

Step4 Save to Your Symbol Libraries

Once you completed your genogram symbols design or import your symbol images, you should still click "Symbols" on top, and choose "Save Symbol" to your symbol Libraries. Or you can click "+" in My Library on the left toolbar. Learn more about how to draw a genogram or design a Genogram from this genogram guide here.

how to create more Genogram symbols

5. Genogram Examples & Templates

There are lots of templates and genogram examples to choose from. Using a genogram template can save a lot of time in composition, and you can refer to the advanced points of other people's diagrams. You can view these beautiful genograms to consider how to make your own. If you want more, you can get them from Genogram Examples.

Example 1: Emotional Relationship Genogram

It is a genogram example that displays an emotional relationship. We can presume that Michael and Ann are in a loving and harmonious relationship. William and Elisa are close friends, while Elisa's parents didn't get along well.

Example 2: Medical Genogram

Here is a medical genogram diagram, which mainly talks about hemophilia. Hemophilia is a rare disorder in which your blood doesn't clot because it lacks sufficient blood-clotting proteins.

6. Free Genogram Planner

EdrawMax is a free genogram software that allows you to create and share your genograms. You can use it to make your family tree, analyze it, and draw it. It is an excellent tool for genealogy research. It is designed for people who are not professional genealogists but want to create a family tree or genealogical chart.; The latest version of EdrawMax provides an easy-to-use interface that helps you record all your data in one place. The program will help you track who is related to whom, even when there are gaps in the information. You can also use it to create genealogical charts that show the relationships between individuals and groups of people over time.

Key Features of EdrawMax:

  • EdrawMax comes with free Genogram examples & templates that are 100 percent customizable;
  • The built-in vector symbols let you easily add Genogram components to your design;
  • You can easily share the Genogram design with your team and see the live revisions made by your team;
  • You can easily save files in multiple formats with different file names and date formats. And you can easily organize your files into folders according to their topics or subjects;
  • EdrawMax has a strong community of 25 million users who update the template community with their creative projects;
  • EdrawMax is considered the best tool for beginners and professionals because of the user-friendly dashboard and easy drag-and-drop feature.
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7. Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Genograms can be used as a simple way to document family history and relationships. You can learn a lot about the family you are studying with and even about your own family. It also helps identify the psychological, medical, and even the crime case. For example, the family diagram indicates whether your ancestors were pioneers or came later. You can see how the children of the family were born. You can trace the family tree and learn how each generation contributed to your ancestry. You can also discover why certain events happened. And one can't make a genogram without genogram symbols.Luckily, genogram software makes it easier than ever before.

Before creating a genogram, it is better to consider your needs and make a good drawing. Also, specify the access control and develop new Genogram procedures. EdrawMax is the best free Genogram access plan maker that gives you free symbols and templates to make your diagram. Its fast drawing and easy symbol import feature make it the prime choice for professionals.

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