How to Make a Genogram in PowerPoint

Draw members and connect them with each other
man and woman

The Definition of Genogram

A genogram is a special type of family tree. The genogram is a graphic representation of a family tree that displays the interaction of generations within a family.

It is explained that a genogram is one's family relationships and history's picture, which goes beyond a traditional family tree that allowing the creators to visualize relationships and psychological factors that affect relationships of one family.

genogram for Mary


The Introduction of Genogram Symbols



Source: wellsk

A square states the male, and the female is represented by the circle. We use horizontal lines to connect two symbols and make it a family genogram.



Source: wellsk

The children's symbols are placed from the oldest to the youngest from left to right. There is essential to remember the place order when you want to make a complex genogram.

Emotional Relationships

The example that I gave below is a husband with his three wives. This genogram clearly tells reader the emotional relationships betweet the man and his three spouses.

What is an emotional relationship? Symbols of two persons were connected by a line that shows the emotional relationships of the family pedigree. Thus, this example tells the reader the man has three children, a boy, and twins, with his first wife, and then they divorced. The man had a girl with his second wife, and they separated soon, and he lives with his third wife until now.

Emotional Relationships

Source: genopro



When you see an "X" inside the symbol of people, which means this person passes away. You also can add the age and the birth year to tell people pieces of information.

How to Make a Genogram in PowerPoint?

Some people may confuse about how to make a genogram in PowerPoint. Now let's make a genogram on PowerPoint together.

You have to open your PowerPoint and select a new slide. Then select the text box options to erase it. Then you can start to put our symbols on it.

open your PowerPoint

The second step is to click the INSERT tab and choose the SHAPES tab, select the symbols such as a square or circle to represent male and female, or you can add the other symbols to represent pet and so on.

Then click and drag to draw the lines as you like. Establish a connection between two symbols. Click the first shape that shapes where you want to attach the line. The next step is to continue adding the symbols and lines until you have finished your genogram creation.

Make a Genogram in PowerPoint

I drew a genogram using PowerPoint. From this genetic map, the reader can easily understand what I want to express to these three generations. The two original families, which we call generation one, have generation two as their children. You can see the first family on the left, the mother, was dead. The two "blue" children married each other and have the "black" generation three. Besides, you can change your favorite color and increase the age or mark someone's situation to help readers better understand this genetic map.


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How to Make a Genogram Effortlessly

How to make a genogram easily? Using EdrawMax to create your own genogram. The first step is to open EdrawMax, choose Science and Education, and select Genogram.

open EdrawMax

The second step is to choose a template that EdrawMax provided or create a new one, which is as you like. Please look at the pictures below is the template that chose from EdrawMax. First, choose the symbols that you need and click and drag to the right middle part.

When you created all the symbols and have already made connections with each symbol, then you can change the color into anyone you want it to represent. The last step is to make a note to explains the meaning of all the types of symbols. This can help the reader to understand quickly.

make genogram in EdrawMax

Last but not least, click SAVE bottom, and you can change it at any time, anywhere with anybody.

EdrawMax is a convenient application of gram-making. Moreover, EdrawMax offers efficient symbols for users to create, anything you want to express that you can find the correct symbols that you need.

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