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How to Add or Change Fill Colors?

Click Fill button on Home tab or on the right sidebar to open Fill panel.

fill button
fill panel

How to Format Lines?

Click Line button on Home tab or on the right sidebar to open Line panel.

line button
line panel

How to Format Shape Shadow?

Click Shadow icon on the right sidebar to format the shadow of the selected shape.

shadow panel

Set the shadow's preset type:

shadow preset type

Set a shadow color:

shadow color

Set a shadow transparency:

shadow transparency

Set the shadow's size:

shadow size

Set the shadow's blurriness:

shadow blur

Change the shadow's angle (only available for perspective shadow ):

shadow angle

Set X Offset and Y Offset (the position of shadow):

shadow offset

How to Apply Themes?

The Theme option contains the predefined theme color schemes and theme unit colors.

When you change the theme color scheme, the unit colors will change accordingly. Then you can apply the unit colors directly to the selected shape.

theme color options

Apply theme unit colors to each shape:

apply theme unit color

Change a new color scheme:

apply color scheme

How to Use Format Painter?

To copy style from one shape to another, you can use the format painter.

Select the shape whose style you want to copy, then click Copy Style button on Home tab or floating menu.

copy style button
copy style button on floating menu

How to Use Quick Color Bar?

The Quick Color Bar is located at the bottom of the interface.

Colors from the Quick Color Bar won't be changed when changing themes.

quick color bar