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How to Add or Change Fill Color?

There are 3 ways to change the fill color.

  1. Click Fill button on Home tab or click Fill icon on the right sidebar.
  2. fill button
    fill icon
  3. Use the Quick Color Bar at the bottom of the interface.
  4. quick color bar
  5. Change the theme color of the drawing.
  6. theme color scheme

Solid Fill

Click Fill button on Home tab or on the right sidebar and choose Solid fill.

solid fill option

Gradient Fill

Click Fill button on Home tab or on the right sidebar and choose Gradient fill.

gradient fill option

Choose a gradient type:

gradient type

Choose a gradient direction (This example is for linear type):

gradient direction

Choose a gradient angle:

gradient angle

Gradient Stops:

gradient stops

Pattern Fill

Pattern Fill allows you to fill shapes or symbols with pre-defined patterns. You can change foreground and background colors of the pattern.

pattern fill option

Choose a pre-defined hatch type:

pre-defined hatch type

Change foreground and background color:

change foreground and background color

Picture or Texture Fill

You can't change colors when you use the Picture or texture fill function.

picture or texture fill

Choose a pre-defined texture design:

texture fill menu

Fill with local pictures:

  • you can fill with the original picture size
  • fill with picture
  • you can select to fit to the shape size
  • Tips: Check Fit to option, the picture will be fit to the shape size.

    fit to picture
    fill with picture