Science Fair Project Board | Examples & How to Design

Prepare a display board to communicate your work to others
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If you teach in a school or are parents to school-going children, you already know how important a science fair is. Science fairs are an excellent opportunity for kids to display their learning into visible form. They allow students to apply practical knowledge.

Creating a science fair project from scratch is a bit of a hassle and requires a lot of hard work. If you haven't yet mastered your creative and artistic abilities, you should use a science fair board that you can design virtually with an online tool.

Today we will tell you how to design a science project board from scratch using EdrawMax. So, let's get started!

What is A Science Fair Project Board?

A science fair project board is a display board where you communicate your work's details with others. Most people use a standard 3-panel display Board and paste images and other relevant visual pieces relevant to their research and data.

The display board usually consists of a list of items which are:

  • Name of the presenter
  • Picture of the presenter
  • Captions mentioning the source of every picture or image
  • Laboratory notes
  • Information snippets
  • Experimental data and statistics

Key Info of Making A Science Fair Project Board

Science fair project board investigates scientific phenomena in the natural world, whether it's biology, physics, chemistry, psychology, or any other science area. Here is how you can design a science fair board like a pro:

• Building the Board:

The science fair board layout is mostly trifold, where the board is approximately 36 inches wide and 14 inches tall. These boards are easily available at stationery shops, office supplies stores, and craft stores. You can also create your own board by layering a top chart over a piece of cardboard. Create three separate pieces and place them together using duct tape.

• Format and Layout:

Generally, the elements judged in a science fair board should include title, questions, hypothesis, procedures, materials, results, resources, personal information, and conclusion. So, make sure your science boat contains all these important elements and that they are organized logically.

A useful tip here is to use an easy drawing tool to design your science fair board properly. Get a printout and simply cut and pasted on your board. It will save you a lot of time and effort.

• Make It Attractive:

To make science fair project boards look attractive, use a lot of different colors and interesting images relevant to the topic. You can also draw your own diagrams and charts. The more visual AIDS you use, the more attractive your project will be.

Examples of Science Fair Project Boards

There are different types of science fair project boards for different topics.

1. Science Project Board for Bacteria

Science Project Board for Bacteria

Image source: Pinterest

This is a great example of a science project board on the topic of bacteria.

2. Periodic Table of Elements

Periodic Table of Elements

Image source:

The periodic table of elements is one of the most popular choices when it comes to science fair projects.

3. Science Project Board for Photosynthesis

Science Project Board for Photosynthesis

Image source: Pinterest

This template works great for those who like botany and plants.

4. Science Fair Display Layout

Science Fair Display Layout

Image source:

This generic science fair project board layout can be used for any topic.


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