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Free, nice and unique worksheets in PowerPoint format. Use colorful worksheets in your classes to attract students' attention, keep them engaged and boost their creativity.

Sample Worksheets in PowerPoint Format

Here are some PowerPoint worksheetexamples that can make your classes more interesting. In MS PowerPoint program, it's hard and time-consuming to gain such results. However, Edraw only requires a few minutes to finish a nice and vivid worksheet with lifelike images. Click each icon to download the PowerPoint worksheet if you like it.

Compound Words Worksheet New Words Worksheet
Worksheet for Kids Kindergarten Worksheet
Math Worksheet Math Worksheet for kids
Shape Worksheet Treacing Shapes Worksheet
Color Worksheet Color Worksheet

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Easy Worksheet Maker

Worksheet Software

Edraw is a diagramming tool that excels in creating visual materials for education. It includes over 10,000 vector shapes and hundreds of diagrams that present data in a pictorial way. These shapes support drag-and-drop function and can be edited easily. It's just a perfect tool for teachers, parents as well as children to make teaching and learning more interesting.
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Create Worksheets for PowerPoint

After you finish your worksheet in Edraw, 1 click turns the worksheet into a fully editable PowerPoint file. Just click the Export button on the Quick Access Toolbar.

Export Worksheet as PPT

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