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Easy to Use Worksheet Maker

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Posted by James Freeman | 07/28/2021
Create beautiful and interesting worksheets for kids with only a few mouse clicks through Edraw easy-to-use worksheets maker. Make worksheets instantly from built-in illustrations and pre-made templates.

What is Worksheet

From the perspective of education, a worksheet refers to a sheet of paper with questions for students and places to fill in answers. It is very helpful for reviewing students' study. Students can also use worksheets to test their own learning.

Design Funny Worksheets Easily in Automatic Software

One of the utmost important steps to improve kids' study is to raise their interest and curiosity. No matter you are a teacher or a parent, you can reach this goal by using funny and eye-catching learning materials. With EdrawMax, you can design unique and useful worksheets according to your own need. Edraw offers a wide range of clip arts which are nice-looking and helpful for making kid worksheet. These clip arts are all predefined and colorful, requiring only drag and drop to use. See Edraw's user-friendly interface below, which is similar with Word.

Worksheet Maker


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System Requirements

Works on Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista and Citrix

Works on 32 and 64 bit Windows

Works on Mac OS X 10.2 or later

Worksheet Maker Features

  1. Built-in clipart: Empowers professional educators to create quality, fully customized worksheets fast!
  2. Drag-and-drop interface: Enables even beginners to handle the software easily.
  3. Readily available templates: Offer immediate application for time-crunched teachers.
  4. Automatic formatting tools: Save both time and effort.

Use Built-in Illustrations to Make Eye-catching Worksheets

Edraw provides abundant vector-based illustrations to ease your designing process. You can find exquisitely made fruit, animal, vehicle and school object pictures in the pre-designed library. So you can make worksheets covering various subjects. Apply them to make your worksheets more attractive for children. Simply drag and drop them on the canvas, and they will be shown as vector shapes, allowing users to recolor, rotate and resize.

Clip Art

Besides, a great amount of basic shapes with dynamic buttons are included in the software, too, such as circle, star, round rectangle, heart shape and a lot more. They are smart shapes that you can easily customize with the action buttons and control handles. Moreover, since Edraw also serves as a drawing tool, it includes the pen and pencil tools for drawing custom vector symbols. Download Edraw and discover more features.

How to Gain Worksheets of Various Formats

In Edraw, only a few simple steps are needed to create a personalized worksheet and various formats are supported.

  1. Firstly, open a clip art library. Choose Clip Art under File menu. Double click the icon of the clipart you need.
  2. Then, drag necessary shapes and drop them on the canvas.
  3. Double click the clip art to add label to it. If there is no attached text box, you can add one anytime by using the Text Box tool under Symbols tab.
  4. Use Align command on Home menu to align them.
  5. When necessary, add a table to divide categories. Click Insert menu and then pick a suitable table size under Table.
  6. After everything is ready, save the worksheet or export it into other formats. Edraw supports to export your diagram to various formats, including Microsoft Office, PDF, and many other graphic formats. On the File menu, point to Export & Send for Export options.

Worksheet Templates and Samples

To ease the design process, some ready-made templates are provided. So you don't need to start from scratch. Download these templates, make some modifications as you like and enjoy the study with kids.

Animal Worksheet Venn Animal Worksheet Venn Math Worksheet
Alphabet Worksheet Color Worksheet Weather Worksheet

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