Great Infographic Examples for Students

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Visuals play an important role in quick learning. They make people understand the content quickly and help in developing interest. That's why the books with more visuals make more students gather around them.

Students are quickly adaptive to the pictures. When they are toddlers, they always crawl towards colorful things, images, etc. Not only toddlers but people of all ages understand the content easily when they get input in pictures.


If you are a teacher and want students to gather around points quickly, this article will help you. This article will tell you what infographics are and how the infographics help the students get the topic easily.

We will also show you some of the best examples of infographics related to the classroom, and in the end, we will tell you the best software that will help you make the best infographics.

What is an Infographic?

Infographics are used as a great learning and teaching tool. Infographics are nothing but the graphical, pictorial, and visual representation of the data, information, or knowledge.

Infographics are used as a tool that helps make people understand the point as quickly as possible. Infographics can be utilized on any topic. You can use it for raising funds, awareness of something. You can also use it to educate someone, do marketing, business, etc.

There are endless use cases of infographics. For example, if you want to raise awareness about climate change, you can make an infographic by adding data from the weather stations, satellites, etc.


Infographic as a learning and teaching tool

As mentioned in the overview section, an infographic can be used by both teacher and student. Every student has not that caliber that they get the point or course quickly everyone takes their time, but if you want students to understand the system soon, you can lecture them in an infographic by adding pictures, graphs, colors, etc.

The Infographic Examples Used in the Classroom

This section will give seven stunning and exciting examples of how an infographic can be used as a learning tool. We will also describe them so you will realize the point quickly.

Example 1: Make Investigations

Make Investigations

In the above-pinned infographic, data is shown on how much children have access to a good education. You can make infographics like this to make students understand some data from social studies, math, etc. In this infographic, the education status is given. There are still millions of students in the northern areas who never get a good education. 67% of the population never gets an education, and 80% of females have no access to education. The data also shows how much students personally like to get an education.

Example 2: Know Animals' Facts

Know Animals' Facts

You can also make an infographic showing information about something. It is the best way to make pupils learn information. Some animal pictures are given in this infographic, and the knowledge is pinned below them. Some students feel difficulty learning about historical figures. To tackle this problem, you, as their instructor, should make infographics depicting historical figures like monarchies, emperors, dynasties, etc. You can also use this idea in chemistry subjects to present the important elements of the periodic table through an infographic.

Example 3: Learn Heart Diseases

Learn Heart Diseases

Infographics can also be used for medical purposes. Teachers can make students understand the diseases and memorize them quickly by utilizing infographics. As in this infographic, information is shown with the help of graphics about heart disease. An infographic can be used in the learning area to raise awareness about diseases and their effects. People will understand easily through visual input. In this infographic, statistical data is also depicted utilizing graphs, showing pictures of people suffering from heart diseases.

Example 4: College Life Resolution

College Life Resolution

As mentioned above, an infographic can be utilized for any purpose. You can take an idea from this infographic to efficiently give information about your business. As a college principal, you can make an infographic showing the semester rules, topics, events, teachers, etc. It is the best business and marketing strategy to attract students and people to you. This idea will give students a clear message that the college or university uses good tools to educate on every topic.

Example 5: Technology Instruction and Evaluation

Technology Instruction and Evaluation

Infographics can be extensively used in information technology and computer science. In the computer science subject, the fundamentals are heavily taught. It would be the best idea to convert those fundamentals of the computer into the form of infographics. It would make the life of students easier, and they would be more attracted to information technology. In the above infographic, the information about the technological product is given by pasting points on different parts of the product.

Example 6: List Lesson Tasks

List Lesson Tasks

It is the best example of raising awareness about the bold problem of our society that is Machismo and Marianismo. In this infographic, the points are given to educate women on being safe from the machismo problem. Machismo and marianismo are the main cause of violence against women. Gender inequality can be uprooted by countering the problem of machismo. Negative cognitions and emotions can also be tackled by understanding these types of problems in our society.

Example 7: How to Sport and Shape

How to Sport and Shape

Information about being healthy can also be shown by utilizing the infographic as what happened in this infographic. As an instructor on social media, you can share tips and information on the exercises and diet for being healthy. In this infographic.The benefits of exercise show that doing exercise helps us improve our mood, make our immunity stronger, etc. Diet tips are also given in this infographic. Other tips like being safe from stress and resting are also pinned on this infographic.

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How to Create an Infographic?

Infographics are an important strategy that everyone should know and use. It helps us understand the problem quickly and deliver the points in pictures, so the audience gets us easily.

To perform the tasks like this, always encourage yourselves to use EdrawMax, which contains hundreds of engaging diagram-making tools that will suffice you in making complete and exciting infographics.

You can also use their pre-generated templates to boost your production.

Why Use EdrawMax for Making Infographics for Students?

Infographics are visual representations of data or knowledge intended to present information concisely and graphically, which makes them not only a great tool on online marketing to boost traffic, but also does a wonderful job on education. More and more teachers create infographic for their students with the purpose of assignments and making complicated knowledge easy to understand.

Edit Templates with Edraw Infographic Creator

Editing pre-made students infographic templates with Edraw infographic creator is a time-saving and energy-saving thing. Firstly ,run the software; next, click a template you like; then edit it by changing the existing shapes with the one you like, replacing the current contents with the information you want to convey and rearranging the layout. And an awesome and interesting students infographic come out in minutes! Can not wait to have a try? Download this amazing infographic creator and start your drawing immediately!

Infographic in EdrawMax

Editable Students Infographic Elements

There are more 90 students infographic elements provided in the libraries of Edraw infographic creator. All the elements are vector free. Users can easily drag those elements and edit them to create their students infographics, or they are also permitted to free design their special infographic elements with a set of prepared drawing tools.

Education Infographic Elements

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More Free Infographic Templates

Below are students infographic templates exquisitely created by our infographic creator. And all the templates can be downloaded, edited, shared and printed for free. So, just feel free to download and edit anyone you like.


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