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EdrawMax specializes in diagramming and visualizing. Learn from this article to know everything about closet design examples and templates, and how to use them. Just try it free now!

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The closet design or wardrobe plan are simple 2D diagrams that visually represent your closet's layout, design, fixtures, and physical features. We use closet design examples and templates to create a functional closet design that is cost-effective and gives you enough storage space to store and display your wardrobe, shoes, jewelry, and purses. Easily create a beautiful closet design with EdrawMax while saving time and effort as it gives you free templates to make your diagram. Here, we will talk about closet design templates and their types. Learn how to use these templates, and check out closet design examples.

Free Landscape Plan Templates

1. Free Closet Design Examples & Templates

Free closet design make it easier for you to create a proper closet design that illustrates every detail and function of your closet. These templates help you design or remodel your closet. When your previous closet does not give you enough storage space, or you can't find your clothes, shoes, or accessories in time because of a wrong arrangement, it is time to remodel your closet and focus on its functioning. A functional closet works for all of your needs. EdrawMax gives you free templates to design functional closet layouts for remodeling and house floor plans.

Closet design drawings are also a part of house floor plans. The bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room have closets and storage spaces for clothes, shoes, books, electrical devices, crockery, and other items. The closet design examples and templates on EdrawMax feature multiple closet components such as shelves, doors, drawers, pull-out trays, and baskets. You can design closet layouts with dressing and sitting rooms with these templates. EdrawMax gives you five types of closet templates to create a closet design that optimizes space usage.

  • Walk-in Closet Design Examples
  • Reach-in Closet Design Examples
  • Wardrobe Closet Design Examples
  • Linen Closet Plan Examples
  • Closet Design Examples for Word / PPT / Excel

1.1 Walk-in Closet Design Examples

A walk-in closet plan is best for houses with lots of free space. In a walk-in closet design, you get enough storage space to easily fit two people's clothes, shoes, and accessories with some space left for items like steamers and ironing boards. EdrawMax gives you free walk-in closet templates that help you turn that free space into a beautiful and functional closet. With these templates, you can plan the drawers and baskets next to the floor, keep the hanging area in the middle, and use the area above to add shelves for purses and bags.

Example 1: Walk-in Closet Drawing

The overall process of planning, designing, and building a walk-in closet drawing is vastly different from that of a standalone wardrobe. You're constructing a square box configuration and fitting it into an insufficient space that is almost certainly not square, plum, or level. The more walls you add to your configuration, the more difficult it becomes. A single wall of built-ins is easier to install than an entire room. However, no matter how large your closet is or how many walls you include in your Walk-in closet drawing, there will always be difficulties when installing. If you start your project with that expectation, it will be easier to deal with.

Example 2: Walk-in Closet Design

Closets are enclosed spaces that are used to store items. Closets are commonly used in household layouts to store clothes and are often built into walls and unused spaces below stairs. They are not immediately visible on your plan. Walk-in closets can be used for extra storage and ample space to access the entire closet when space is available, particularly in a bedroom, as shown in the Walk-In closet design. The amount of space available limits the design capabilities of a walk-in closet. The following elements or factors to consider in Walk-In closet design: the overall shape of the closet, amount and types of storage, islands, dressing benches, and appropriate lighting.

1.2 Reach-in Closet Design Examples

A reach-in closet plan is best for small houses and apartments with limited space for a closet. These types of wall closets are commonly found in all homes and apartments in various forms. Reach-in closets in living rooms have bookshelves, space for a flat screen, and other items. A reach-in closet features a rod with hangers for clothes, shelves for shoes, and drawers for jewelry and accessories in rooms. With free reach-in closet templates on EdrawMax, you can easily create a functional closet design with the standard 24-inch depth.

Example 3: Reach-in Closet Plan

As depicted in the Reach in closet plan, Reach-in closets are typically long rectangles measuring 48 inches or more in length. A typical reach-in closet is 6-feet long, 8-feet tall, 24-inches deep, and has an 80-inch high door opening. As shown in the Reach in closet plan, Reach-in closets are ideal for a single occupant. Consider the walk-in closet to be a combination of reach-in closets. Each wall should be measured separately. To make the most of the space, plan storage for one wall at a time using corner shelving or hang rods. If the closet is shared, designate one partition for each individual, with the back fence shared or used by the person who requires more space.

Example 4: Reach-in Closet Drawing

Reach-in closet designs incorporate adjustable shelving, hanging bars, shoe racks, and other features to create enough space where your clothing always in their proper place. When your closet is small, making the most of every square inch is even more important—a custom reach-in closet based on a reach-in closet design. The most usual type of closet is a reach-in closet, which lets you reach but not walk into it. It generally has a couple of hanging rods and a shelf above them. Reach-in closets are typically long rectangles 48 inches or longer. A typical reach-in closet is 6-feet long, 8-feet tall, 24-inches deep, and has an 80-inch high door opening.

1.3 Wardrobe Closet Design Examples

A wardrobe closet is the most commonly used closet design in most homes because it does not require much free space, and it gives you suitable storage space to fit your clothes, shoes, undergarments, and accessories. A wardrobe is a room closet that contains a mirror, drawers, shelves, and a hanger. With free wardrobe closet templates from EdrawMax, you can design multiple wardrobes, such as hinged door wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes, and free-standing wardrobes.

Example 5: Wardrobe Closet Diagram

The wardrobe closet is a freestanding closet that is used to store clothes. The first wardrobe was a chest, and it wasn't until regal palaces, and the castles of powerful nobles reached a certain level of luxury that separate storage for the great's clothing was provided. The term wardrobe was then given to a room where the wall space was occupied by closets and lockers, with the drawer being a relatively recent invention. With its hanging areas, sliding shelves, and drawers, the modern wardrobe evolved gradually from these cupboards and lockers. The wardrobe closet has more or less retained its preset function as a place to keep a king's robe throughout the chronological changes in the form of the enclosure.

Example 6: Wardrobe Plan Example

A Wardrobe closet plan is essential because it must address several issues. Apart from being visually appealing, the ideal almari or almirah design should be functional and convenient. This image will assist you in choosing the best Wardrobe closet plan for your bedroom. The bedroom has traditionally been the preferred location for a wardrobe. With a little forethought, you can draw a bedroom wardrobe design that isn't overly large. If you live in an apartment or flat, don't take up all available space by installing a wardrobe. Keep in mind that storage and empty spaces are equally important in the grand scheme of things.

Example 7: Standard Wardrobe Closet Design

Wardrobes are an important part of the interior design of our homes. A standard wardrobe closet design provides ample storage space, allowing you to keep your belongings organized. It typically consists of three basic components: A hanging closet, drawers, and shelves to keep your clothes, accessories, shoes, and other essentials organized. A well-designed Standard wardrobe closet plays an important role in making your home appear clean, organized, and clutter-free. At the same time, the material used here for the finish adds to the overall aesthetics of your interiors. We provide all of the information about wardrobe dimensions so that you can design a custom-made one to fit your home, needs, budget, and preferences.

Example 8: Wardrobe Plan Template

One of the most trending wardrobe designs in any home interior is the standard wardrobe closet plan. They have an elegant appearance and are simple to put together. They generally have two front doors with hinges, leaving plenty of space in front of the wardrobe for a trouble-free experience. Depending on the Standard wardrobe closet plan, you can choose a single shutter wardrobe. Depending on your preference and convenience, you can also accommodate a loft unit on top or a floor-to-ceiling cabinet. If the door panel is longer than 60 centimeters, it will put a lot of strain on the hinges.

1.4 Linen Closet Design Examples

A linen closet plan is a simple drawing that helps you design and arranges your linen clothes to optimize their storage space and sort out their items. A linen closet is a part of every house as it stores bed sheets, towels, bath essentials, and other items. With EdrawMax, you can get free templates to create a personalized linen closet plan. In the EdrawMax, you can get shelf symbols, basket symbols, and container symbols to add to your closet plan. You can also create multiple sections for different rooms or stack similar items in the same section.

Example 9: Linen Closet Design

If you are fortunate enough to have a linen closet already, you can maximize it to hold more and stay organized by reworking the shelving to fit best the size and number of items you need to store. If no linen closets need to be updated, new cabinets or shelving systems can be installed in empty corners and open wall space. These can be floor-based open shelving units, smaller wall-mounted shelving systems, cubbies, or a new wardrobe-style closet specifically designed for linen storage. The best way to incorporate this linen shelving will be unique to your space, but the shelving ideas below will help you get started on proper linen organization and storage.

Example 10: Linen Closet Plan

A linen closet is a space to store linens, but this does not necessarily mean only linen-based materials. It's a place where people keep a variety of household textiles, such as bedding, towels, and tablecloths. It's also known as a towel closet. With storage for towels and other items, a linen cabinet or linen closet can help clear some clutter from your laundry room. A linen cabinet can make or break your laundry room in terms of organization. In my opinion, a linen closet is a must-have feature in every home. It does not have to be used for linens; I've seen people use it to store games, toys, and other items.

Example 11: Linen Closet Template

The main organizing principle for linen closet design revolves around shelving specifically designed for the items you need to store and the area where they need to be stored. When planning your closet, standard or glass shelves, pull-out shelves, and cubbies or cubes for rolled linens are all options. It is also critical to avoid stacking items on these shelves too high. Any stack of folded towels, sheets, or other linens should be no higher than twelve to fourteen inches tall. Most blankets and comforters can be stacked only one high on each shelf. Towels of high quality are thick and fluffy; plan on five bath towels per stack.

1.5 Closet Design Examples for Word / PPT / Excel

Creating a closet plan in Word is tricky as you don't get proper symbols to represent the components and features of the closet. It also takes time to draw a diagram in Word or create a presentation on PowerPoint. EdrawMax gives you a collection of closet design diagrams and free templates that you can customize. It also features a symbols library with thousands of closet plan symbols to make your diagram. EdrawMax allows you to export, save, or share your diagram in Word, PPT, PD, and multiple other formats when your diagram is complete.

Example 12: Closet Design Diagram for Word

A closet is an enclosed space, with a door, used for storage, particularly that of clothes. As shown in the image, there are several ways for improving a closet design like, use the vertical dimension, access lighting, understand the choice of wardrobe, and design invisibility. The quickest and smartest way to increase storage capacity in an existing closet is with a standardized closet system. The image shows that there is a proper space allocated for drawers, shoes, and hanging clothes like suits or floral print dresses. Instead of creating the closet design from scratch, try using EdrawMax’s pre-built designs that would help you create a highly customized closet design for your client.

Example 13: Closet Plan for PowerPoint

A free customizable closet plan template is provided to download and print. Quickly get a head-start when creating your own closet plan. Planning the closet until it becomes the desired result you want before making it will save you the trouble of replacing and save time and money.

Example 14: Wardrobe Design Template for Excel

A free customizable simple wardrobe design template is provided to download and print. Quickly get a head-start when creating your own simple wardrobe design. Simple, useful and creative; it is a popular choice to design your own wardrobe.

2. How to Use Closet Design Templates

EdrawMax is vector-based software that provides various templates for your closet design. It provides an easily understandable interface for its users to draw efficiently and helps users edit existing templates and layouts and make their designs or template. It also provides 26000+ symbols to illustrate your closet design. You can learn how to make closet design in details from this closet design guide.

2.1 Make Closet Design from Desktop

There are two methods of using closet templates to design a perfect closet design. The first method lets you develop a closet design after downloading the template and the EdrawMax diagramming software on your computer. Following is the guide for the first method on how to use closet templates.

Step1 Install EdrawMax

You can edit the templates directly from this page. First of all, when your mouse click to the templates on this page, you can download the EdrawMax easily, or you can download EdrawMax here.

How to Use Closet Design Templates

Step2 Download the Template

After installing EdrawMax, you can go and download the template by clicking on the bottom right corner or look for a template in the EdrawMax library without going online in desktop.

How to Use Closet Design Templates

Step3 Open the Template

After downloading the template, you can double click to open it in EdrawMax diagramming software, or you can open EdrawMax beforehand and navigate to the template to open it. Every closet design diagram is incomplete without symbols. Head to the 'Symbols' section and click on the 'closet design' and 'Floor Plan' to import important symbols. Learn more closet design symbols and find symbols you want here.

How to Use Closet Design Templates

Step4 Customize the garden design template

After opening it, this will take you to the canvas, where you can use multiple tools to create your template. You will see a symbol library in the left corner, where you will find thousands of symbols to use in your template. EdrawMax gives you various unique diagramming tools that help you edit the template any way you want. You can change the color and the font liner of the template. You can edit the layout and include various elements such as decorative features, air vents, lighting, sprinkler system, and air-conditioning using reflected ceiling plan symbols from the EdrawMax symbol library. EdrawMax features a comprehensive library with 26000+ professional symbols that you can use for free with an easy drag and drop.

How to Use Closet Design Templates

Step5 Save or Export

After you customize the closet template and complete your closet design, the next step is to save or export your drawing. EdrawMax supports various document formats, which means you can export your drawing in any format you want, such as Microsoft Office, pdf, graphics, HTML, Visio, and many others. Export your drawing by going to the 'File' option in the top menu bar and clicking on 'export'. After that, select the document format and click ok. You can also share your drawing on social media or print it directly from EdrawMax. EdrawMax also gives you a presentation mode that you can use to show your drawing to others or your team members.

How to Use Closet Design Templates

2.2 Make Closet Design Online

You can use the following guide if you want to create your closet design online. EdrawMax Online gives you free templates to select and customize and share without downloading. It also provides you with all the drawing tools in the EdrawMax software.

Step1 Click to Duplicate Online

Just click the right bottom corner to choose 'duplicate' template online, then you can go to the online EdrawMax template community. You can head to the fire escape plan template page, and learn more or use directly.

How to Use Closet Design Templates

Step2 Search for More Templates

To search for more templates, go to the EdrawMax template community and search for the template you want. You can scroll down or search with the full name of the closet template to get it quickly.

How to Use Closet Design Templates

Step3 Open the Template

Open the template you want to customize and click on the duplicate option. After clicking, the template will open with EdrawMax Online. Every closet design diagram is incomplete without symbols. Head to the 'Symbols' section and click on the 'closet design' and 'Floor Plan' to import important symbols. Learn more closet design symbols and find symbols you want here.

How to Use Closet Design Templates

Step4 Cusromize the Template

Customize and edit the closet design drawings after clicking on the duplicate option and getting the drawing canvas with the template you selected. EdrawMax features unique diagramming tools that help you customize the template and make whatever changes you want. You can change the color and the font liner of the template. You can edit the layout and include various elements such as furniture, windows, doors, wall shell, and smoke alarms using bedroom floor plan symbols from the EdrawMax symbol library. EdrawMax also features a comprehensive library with 26000+ professional symbols that you can use for free with an easy drag and drop.

How to Use Closet Design Templates

Step5 Save or Export

After your closet design is complete, the next step is to save or export your drawing. EdrawMax gives you the same features as the EdrawMax diagramming software. It also supports multiple document formats so that you can export your drawing in any format. You can save and share your document in pdf, graphics, HTML, Visio, Microsoft Excel, and other popular formats. Click on the 'file' menu and go to 'export'. Click the format you want and enter. EdrawMax features a presentation mode and allows you to share your drawing on social media. Or you can "Publish" your closet design in the template community.

How to Use Closet Design Templates

3.Free Closet Design Software

EdrawMax is the best free closet design software that comes with a wide collection of professional templates that you can get and customize for free. Using a closet template to develop a closet design makes your job much easier and helps save your time. Every closet design is different, and you need many specific symbols to depict its elements. The EdrawMax template community provides easily editable templates with the correct design layout. The symbol library gives you more than 26000 unique symbols in your diagram. Professionals prefer EdrawMax for its clean user interface and best team collaboration features. EdrawMax is everyone's first choice because

  • EdrawMax comes with free closet design examples & templates that are 100 percent customizable and editable.
  • With the present built-in option, you can easily share the closet design with your team and see the live revisions made by your team.
  • EdrawMax has a strong community of 25 million users who update the template community with their creative projects.
  • EdrawMax is considered the best free closet design software for beginners and professionals because of the user-friendly dashboard and easy drag-and-drop feature.
  • It supports to export and import files into multiple formats, including MS Office, Graphics, PDF, HTML, Visio, and more.
  • All of your closet design designs are encrypted to the highest level of security. So, you do not have to worry about losing your creative designs.
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4. Final Thoughts

Pre-drawn closet design drawings make it easier for you to create a proper layout for your closet using specific symbols to design a new closet or remodel your previous one. With closet templates, you can easily design your custom closet and make it functional and beautiful. When designing your closet, perfect measurement is essential. Start with measuring the height from ceiling to floor, specify the length of usable space, back walls, and sidewalls, and measure the depth of the space.

Use EdrawMax to design your closet as it gives you creative drawing tools and free templates that you can customize in a few minutes. EdrawMax is the best closet design software for professionals and amateurs due to its clean user interface, easy symbol insert, fast-drawing, and data automation features.

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Closet Design Complete Guide

Check this complete guide to know everything about closet design, like closet design types, closet design symbols, and how to make a closet design drawing.

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