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This page provides a collection of transportation infographic templates that you can download and reuse. Simply replace the content, chart data and element with yours.

Infographics is a great way to provide information which turns large boring data and facts into attractive visualizations and make them attractive and easy to digest. That’s why infographics are frequently utilized in transportation. Transportation infographics greatly assist in the understanding of topics like transportation rules, green technologies, accidents precaution, etc.

Free Editable Transportation Infographic Templates

Following are some transportation infographic templates available in our Edraw infographic maker. Please feel free to download any of the infographic templates you like and edit to your needs.

Transportation Layout Infographic Template

This template shows us the statistics of trip modes of men and women. For bicycles, the number of men and women are almost close but the difference gets biggest in motor.

Transportation Infographics Template1

Transportation Study Infographic Template

Below template represents part of transportation signs to us. Familiar with these signs is important for every road user in order to maintain the safety and efficiency of our body and transportation facilities.

Transportation Infographics Template2

Winding Road Infographic Template

This interesting template shows us what kind of food you can get from different stores. Just drive to the place and get what you want.

Transportation Infographics Template3

Drag-and-Drop Transportation Infographic Elements

Users can find over 100 vector transportation infographic elements in the libraries of Edraw infographic maker. And all the elements are royalty free and easy to edit. Simply drag some elements you want and drop on the drawing page, then edit them as you wish. Except for transportation elements, there are many other infographic elements and all of them are classified into different groups for ready reference.

Transportation Infographic Elements

Edit Templates with Edraw Infographic Maker

Get a quick start by editing exquisitely designed transportation templates will save your a lot of time and energy. Just simply start Edraw infographic maker, select the template you like, replace the pre-made contents with the information you want to present, drag the shapes from left libraries to replace the existing shapes and customize the colors, sizes and directions to meet your own demand. Then a totally new transportation infographic is finished in several mouse clicks, quite easy, isn’t it?

Welcome to download Edraw infographic maker and starting your editing right now!

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