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Learn how to lay out an infographic step by step. This article helps beginners to lay out an infographic effortlessly with detailed guidelines and tips.

Designing an infographic is not all about putting together the visual elements. It's also about how to optimize the visual arrangement of the information to achieve the best looking result. How to lay out an infographic to make it elegant and engaging? If you are not design professionals, you'd better take a look at these infographic layout design guidelines, which might give you a hint on how to set nice infographic layout.

The Header-Body-Footer Style

Generally, infographic comes in 3 three parts - the header, body and footer. The header often includes a title and a short description if it's necessary. The title is where your focus should be. Try to make it catchy to draw readers' eyes and let them read more. There are many tricks to make headers striking, such as using bold and capitalized letters, adding images and so on. (Learn howtodesigninfographicheader.)Thefooteriswhereyouputyourcopyrights,creationdates,references,etc.Itdoesn't need special attention, so just keep the design simple and letters small.

Infographic Basic Structure

Between the header and footer is the body. The body could be very long if your content is plenty. Usually the body can be divided into several sections, each section with a subtitle and the content followed by. According to your content, the sections can come in the same style or with different styles. Some sections might be long, and some short. You may also assign different background colors for different sections.

How to Lay Out Body Section

Here comes the details of how to lay out the body section.

1. Break up your main contents and use subtitles if possible.

Infographic is usually long in page. When reading an infographic, most readers would scan the whole page first, looking for visual cues to lead them through the page and get the point they are interested in. Therefore, it's your job to break the content up into segments, so that readers know what they are going to read via subtitles and visuals. However, this doesn't include some special infographics such as timeline and flowchart, which don't necessarily need to be divided. You can use subtitles, lines or color blocks to break up your contents into sections.

Break up infographic content with subtitle

2. Arrange the content for each section

Infographic is the combination of text, graphics, charts, maps, icons, etc. There are ways to arrange your text in relation to your image. It depends on how much text you want to include and what size the image is. Good design can lead the reader through an enjoyable information absorbing process. Here are some suggestions on how to combine images (or charts) with text.

lay out the content

Infographic Layout Wireframe

Infographic layout wireframe allows you to outline your design ideas with simple blocks and icons. It's where you map out the basic structure with the best combination of your graphics, text, and other visual elements. Wireframe provides an easier way to preview different layout styles and finally decide which one to use. It can reveal flaws and make comparisons for each attempt. Here are some popular infographic layout templates that you can take a look. They can be used as cheat sheets.

infographic wireframe

Add Data and Graphics According to the Layout

When the wireframe is done, you start to draw the infographic. Add charts, maps and graphics accroding to what you have planned.

draw infographics according to layout

Choose from Built-in Infographic Templates

A "shortcut" to lay out an infographic is to use existing templates. Choose from hundreds of infographics templates and modify the template you selected with your own contents. Our offline infographic maker offers access to ready-to-use infographic templates that will save you tons of time.

Built-in Infographics Templates

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