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In this digital era, it is so uncommon that people leave their smartphones and hang outside with the people they love and like to spend time with them. Collecting different memories and then printing those pictures and sending them as postcards.

Or it is so uncommon that people would do their business and spread it with the postcards. In short, nowadays, people are taking postcards for granted.

Postcards are way more important than we could ever imagine, both in business, professional life, or personal life. You can still send your feelings in the shape of words by writing them on postcards and posting them to those you love or like.

Yes, it is so odd these days, but it would still make them memorize the old era they spent with you. Yes, you can spread your business with postcards.

You can depict your products, sales, and other services through postcards, invite them to the seminars or functions, etc. In essence, postcards still have value in this age.


You can depict your products, sales, and other services through postcards, invite them to the seminars or functions, etc. In essence, postcards still have value in this age.

This section will show you some of the most beautiful yet important examples of the postcards that would make you take the guide and make your own.

Postcard Example for Holiday

In this section, we will get inspiration from different business cards styles, designs, and ideas. You can catch the ideas from here and make your own to grow your business.

Holiday Postcard Example

Image Source: Pinterest

You can quickly get the format of the postcard like the above from anywhere. Share your experiences about the place you chose to spend your holidays on, on the holiday postcard.

You can see the format and write postcards about your holidays. The thing to note about it is the pictures added. Postcards are nothing without pictures, so never forget to post the pictures.

Postcard Example for Business

Postcard Example for Business

Image Source: Pinterest

As mentioned above, you can do and spread your business quickly with postcards. In this example, the firm is saying thanks to the customers.

It is a great example. You can use this idea to show the actions of your business to make it popular. If you are making a business postcard, then you have to use the formal writing pattern.

The pictures are not necessary on the business postcard. But you can make it appealing by adding designs and colors to it.


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Postcard Example for Marketing

Postcard Example for Marketing

Image Source: Touchcard

You can do great marketing with postcards. At this age, people still consider it as an excellent tool for marketing because the postcards spread between people rapidly.

In this example, the marketer designs it in a way that catches people's attention. See the phrase We Miss You, Sarah. Giving the discount to people named Sarah.

You can also get this idea and make it a tool for marketing by producing more unique samples like this. Don't forget to add the graphics plus, and you can write it in informal writing too.

Postcard Example for Students

Postcard Example for Students

Image Source: Learnenglishkids

It is the best example for the students to write a postcard. Here, a child wrote a postcard for his grandmother and shared her experience of his London holidays.

Make the child see this example and write the postcards for their friends, relatives, teachers, etc. You can tell them to write in informal writing because no one expects a child to behave properly.

You can add pictures about the topic of the postcard to make it eye-catching. Also, mention the information about yourself and the opposite person to reach the desired place.

Postcard Examples for A Place

Postcard Examples for A Place

Image Source: Pinterest

The postcards that show the beauty of the place can be written in both formal and informal ways depending on who's writing, whether a professional person or person who is writing this postcard to his postcard telling his experience.

If you are making these types of postcards, don't forget to add pictures of that place, the correct address, and everything related to it.

You can take the template and customize it according to your need. Postcards about a place can be the best tool for the traveler to capture his moments and share them publicly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This section will answer all the common questions about the postcards to make your mind clearer about them.

Q1: What is Usually on a Postcard?

The postcard contains two sides. The front side always contains the picture. The backside contains the two portions. The left portion addresses your loved one, and the right is for the address of both the sender and receiver.

The postcards contain information like the location, country code, dates, signatures, etc.

Sone postcards also contain stamps of different designs and colors, making them more beautiful.

Q2: What is the Standard Size for a Postcard?

The standard size of the ordinary postcard across the globe is 6-inch x 4-inch which is the equivalent of A6.

Q3: How to Write a Postcard?

You can write a postcard by following the below steps.

  • Take a piece of paper or a card.: Start by taking a piece of paper or card of good quality, and then add a picture related to the topic you are writing the postcard about on the front.
  • On Back: Divide the backside into two sides. On the left side, write the message you want to convey. On the right side, write the information of the recipient and the sender. If you are writing the postcard for business purposes, then better to write informal writing, but if you are writing for marketing or personal purposes, you can write in informal writing.
  • Completion : After conveying your message, complete your postcard by writing the date and adding the critical stamp of the postcard.

Q4: What Makes a Good Postcard?

  • Share your experience, all the funny and lovely moments.
  • A local idiom or little phrases you can add.
  • Draw doodles.
  • Write about the weather.
  • Talk about the foods, etc.

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