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500+ Vector Infographic Icons Free Download

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Posted by Chelsea Yang | 02/22/2022
Download 500+ vector infographic icons to create engaging infographics. You can find various infographic icons, elements and clip arts such as maps, arrows, buildings, etc. Available in .eddx, .svg, .eps and .png.

Infographic is an effective method to turn boring information into visual presentation. Everyday numerous infographics hit the web, and they changed the ways of receiving and expressing information. Well designed infographics appeal to the right audience, and help boost content marketing campaigns.

Download 500+ vector infographic icons to design beautiful infographics. The .svg format download packages are free.

Infographic Icons

A lot of icons are required when creating infographics. You need appropriate and good-looking icons to make your infographics with higher readability. Below are simple and most asked-for icons for infographic design.

infographics icons

Download Infographic Icons SVG Format

Free download infographic software and use all vector icons:

Infographic Icons Kit

Infographic icons kit includes map, map pointer, circular chart, content list, pie chart, etc. You can download the icons to use. In Edraw Offline Infographic Software, there are thousands more icons like this.

infographic icons

Download Infographic Icon Kit SVG Format

Download Infographic Software and View all Icons in Vector Format

Infographic Callout Icons

Pick the suitable callout icons from the list to make your infographics vivid. You can change the size, color and style of the callout shapes.

infographic callout icons

Download Infographic Callout Icons SVG Format

Infographic Arrow Icons

Infographic arrow icons are neccessary when you need to navigate your content or highlight a point. Here are a great variety of arrow icons you can choose.

infographic arrow icons

Download Infographic Arrow Icons SVG Format

Infographic Decoration Icons

Use these decoration icons to decorate your infographics.

infographic decoration icons

Download Infographic Shapes SVG Format

Infographic Social Media Icons

This social media icon package provides a lot of commonly used social media icons such as facebook, pinterest, skype, twitter, linkedin, etc. You can find them in the software symbol library.

infographic social media icons

Download Infographic Social Media Icons SVG Format

Infographic Christmas Icons

Here shows elegant Christmas icons. We have many similar holiday icon packages in the software.

infographic christmas icons

Download Infographic Software and View all Icons in Vector Format

Infographic People Icons

Plenty of vector people icons you can download and use in your infographics. The people icons cover different occasions such as business scene, education, shopping, travel, etc.

infographic people icons

Download Infographic Software and View all Icons in Vector Format

Infographic Sport Icons

From the infographic sport icon package, you get people doing different kinds of sports and sport equipment.

infographic sport icons

Download Infographic Software and View all Icons in Vector Format

Infographic Food Icons

If you need to design infographic about food, these icons will be helpful.

infographic food icons

Download Infographic Software and View all Icons in Vector Format

How to Use the Infographic Icons

With our program, the icons are easy to be customized. You can change the color, size and even re-edit the icons.

apply callout in infographics

More Infographic Icons

Here are more infographic icons. You can find 10000 more vector infographic icons in the program. Below are only a fraction of the total.

Title Icons

  • Title Icons

Environment Icons

  • Environment Icons

Flower Icons

  • Flower Icons

Marketing Icons

  • Marketing Icons

Medical Icons

  • Medical Icons

Baby Icons

  • Baby Icons

Fashion Icons

  • Fashion Icons

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