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Create tourism infographics with various tourism clip arts and symbols. You can also edit these symbols and clip arts to your liking or insert a local image into your infographics.

Design Tourism Infographics with Easy-to-use Software

To create a professional and inviting tourism infographics, you need to select easy-to-use infographics software with extensive tourism templates and relevant symbols. Edraw infographic maker fulfills the required criteria completely.

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Video Tutorial - How to Make Infographics with Edraw

Download this tool to make delicate tourism infographics:

Numerous Vector Tourism Infographic Elements

Edraw contains many tourism-related clip arts, symbols like aircraft, cloud, beach umbrella which can help make really nice tourism infographics.

tourism infographic elements

Edraw Infographic Software is Featured with:

  1. Numerous pre-made symbols.
  2. Built-in editable charts and maps.
  3. Auto-alignment and auto-distribution.
  4. Draw new symbols.
  5. Export to PDF, PNG, SVG, PPT, PS, EPS, JPEG, etc.
  6. Upload local images.
  7. Available on Mac/Windows/Linux.
  8. User-friendly interface.

Edit Preset Clip Arts

All of the preset clip arts are editable. They can be recolored, resized, filled, shadowed, rotated and grouped/ungrouped basing on your needs.

Edit tourism infographics element

Draw New Symbols

One of Edraw's advantages is that it allows users to draw new symbols. The symbol drawing toolkits in this program can assist to design custom symbols very easily. It requires minimum learning curve, so even people without training could use it immediately.

draw tourism symbols

Tourism Infographic Templates

Many tourism infographic templates are preset in the program. You can select any of them and edit it to your liking. You can also change the theme, layout, dimension, etc.

Tourist Site Infographics

Tourism Survey Infographics

Other Infographic Design

Besides tourism infographics, Edraw also provides other types of infographic templates such as: business infographics, medical infographics, transportation infographics, technology infographics and so on.

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