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Looking for vector text block elements using in infographics? See a rich collection of text block elements ready for infographic design. They are easy to edit and royalty free.

Nice visual arrangement of infographic is putting together graphics with text blocks. Text blocks make content visual pleasing. Ready-made text blocks help users reduce their time when arranging an infographic layout.

Infographic Text Block Elements

In the text block library, we have prepared a large amount of vector text boxes and text arrangements for users to use instantly. You can apply them either in the header or in the body of your infographics.

infographics text block elements

infographics basic text elements

infographics list text blocks

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Customize the Text Blocks to Your Liking

Select a text block shape, you can apply new colors or change the size without losing clarity. You can also change the font color, font size and font types.

edit text block

Draw Creative Text Blocks on Your Own

You can use the Pen tool and the quick shape drawing tools to design creative text blocks on your own. Edraw offers endless possibilities to design any text blocks you like.

draw text block

You can also use the Boolean Operation tools to customize existing text blocks. For example, you can make any hollowed shape using the tools.

customize text block

Application of Text Blocks in Infographics

Below are text blocks used under charts to explain the message of the charts.

apply text block in infographics

Here uses same style of text blocks in parallel to show comparison.

infographics text block application

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