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Callout elements are extremely useful in infographics when you want to add bubble speech or popup explanation. This page gives you a collection of 80+ callout elements and icons which will add beauty and charm to your infographics.

To design infographics, callouts are one of the most useful elements you are about to use. No matter you want to add a bubble speech, or a small popup annotation, you need to use them. Using appropriate callouts can make your infographic more captivating. You can also view more vector infographic elements.

Infographic Callout Elements

Most of us are only familiar with the ellipse and cloud callout. However, there are much more styles than we could think of. Like the picture shows below, over 80 callout shapes are prepared to help you with the presentation of your infographic. You can choose any of them and amend the colors to fit your own infographic theme.

infographics callout elements

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Application of Callout Shapes in Infographics

Here are 3 callout element application samples. The first one uses callout to present bubble speech.

apply callout in infographics

Below the picture uses the rectangle shape and a line as callout. This kind of callout is usally used for adding annotations.

infographics callout application

This image uses 3 same callout shapes to present list contents.

use callout in infographic

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