General Types of Graphic Organizers and Templates

What are general types of graphic organizers teachers often use? This page introduces some common graphic organizer types categorized according to the functions such as reading, writing, math, or vocabulary study. Get to know graphic organizers through every single type. You will learn how they look like and what are they used for from the given examples. Each graphic organizer you see on this page can be downloaded.

Choose from different types of featured and polished graphic organizer templates and download for free here. These graphic organizers can be used as printable worksheets or blank charts for elementary and middle school teachers and students.

For Edraw users, the EDDX format is also provided. You can easily modify these templates (to eliminate the content on some templates or resign the templates for better application), and export the templates to a desired format (including PPT, PDF, Word, JPG, and more).

Free Download Graphic Organizer Software and View All Examples

2. Graphic Organizers for Reading

4. Graphic Organizers for Compare and Contrast

6. Venn Diagram Graphic Organizers

8. Cause and Effect Graphic Organizers

10. Tree Chart Graphic Organizer

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