Hotel Organizational Chart

Know it All about Hotel Organizational Chart

Hotels usually provide services to the guests staying on their premises, including lodging, breakfast, brunch, lunch, hi-tea, and dinner services. It also provides the SPA services and all other services. The hotel services are like business services, or we can say that the hotel is also an organization. So, keeping the hotel organizational chart with them is also a need.

In this article, we will discuss the hotel organizational chart, what things are included in it. We will also see how to make a hotel organizational chart, some templates, and a lot more. Templates are free to download and use.

What is a Hotel Organizational Chart?

The hotel organizational chart is the hierarchical graphic representation of the internal structure of the entities and the departments working at the hotel. The hotel organizational chart shows us the different positions in the hotel and the departments working under these positions.

hotel reception

It shows us the relationship between each department in the hotel and how they communicate and collaborate over a project. The chart depicts how the employees or teams are communicating and to whom they are reporting. The hotel organizational chart is simply a blueprint of the internal structure of a hotel, and with this model, we can figure out the flow of leadership in a hotel.

The chart shows us the hierarchy of different departments. For example, it tells us that the Executive Assistant Manager reports to the General Manager in a hierarchy.

The size, shape, and hierarchy of different hotels are not the same as it ultimately depends on the size of the hotel.

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Who will include in the hotel org chart

As the hotels' size grows and gets smaller, its departments and employees also get less in number. In this section, we will generally see what things are included in a basic hotel organizational structure.

General Manager

The general manager is the leader of all the departments working in the hotel. He takes necessary decisions for the hotel and administers all the performances of the departments.

Assistant General Manager

The assistant general manager is the right hand of the general manager. He helps him in administering the governance of the hotel. The assistant manager makes all the necessary decisions when the general manager is not present on the premises.

Front Office

The front office is the main character of the hotel. It is the one who provides all the services to the guests from the booking till they leave the hotel.


The housekeeping staff is responsible for every corner of the hotel. And checks for any dirtiness in the hotel to remove it quickly before the eyes of guests see it.

Food Production

The food department is responsible for making breakfast, brunch, lunch, hi-tea, dinner, and drinks. They are responsible for the dishes' cleanliness, and the quality and quantity of food they make.

F&B Service

The F&B Service is responsible for serving the food they get from the food production department. They manage the time on which they would serve the food.


The engineering department is responsible for the hotel's maintenance and fixes all the defects on the hotel structure that could make the guest feel bad.


The security department is also the major player in the hotel, and the whole business depends on this department. The hotel's security checks for any dangers inside the hotel and provides security to every staff and guest.

Some critical departments are mentioned above, but the hotel also includes more departments like human resources, marketing, accounting, etc.

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How to Make a Hotel Organizational Chart?

Every hotel should have a hotel organizational chart through which the managers make the necessary decisions. The employees and departments get to know to whom they need to communicate or report. You can also track the cross-functioning departments with this chart. Below is the general way of making the hotel organization chart.

  • See your hotel
    • How huge is it?
    • How many employees and departments are there?
    • Is it more hierarchical or matrixed?
    • Is it divisional or flatter?
    • Get the information about the hotel.
  • Get the information about each employee and department in the hotel
    • Their functions
    • Whom they communicate
    • Everything Else
  • Write all information on the chart
    • Use computer software like EdrawMax to do it. You will also get templates from Template Community.
  • Create the chart
    • Urge all the departments and employees to create the chart.

If you want to design an org chart but don't know how to start, watch this video to start up.

Hotel Organizational Chart Templates

To understand the concepts more, we will see some templates of different hotel organizational charts in this section.

Small hotel organizational chart

It is an illustration of the small hotel organizational chart. Here, we can see the corporate owner. It only happens when the hotel just started its business after this, the general manager reports to the owner. The trainee employee communicates with the owner and the front desk attendant. The chart is hierarchical and matrixed as different departments are cross-functioning.

Small hotel organizational chart

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Medium hotel organizational chart

The above illustration is of the medium hotel organizational chart. The chart is more hierarchical. The departments are flowing from the corporate owner to the front desk attendant.

Medium hotel organizational chart

Click here to see the HD version of the template.

Steps to use this template:
1. Download template by clicking on the photo.
2. Need to use EdrawMax Org Chart Maker to open and edit the chart. Download from the button below.

Large hotel organizational chart

The illustration is of the large hotel organizational chart. The primary department is the general manager. The chart is divisional and more hierarchical. This type of hotel is spread across the world and contains dozens of departments.

Large hotel organizational chart

Click here to see the HD version of the template.

Steps to use this template:
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5-star hotel organizational chart

5-star hotel organizational chart


The above illustration is of the five-start hotel organizational chart. The chart is the same as the large hotel organizational chart that is more divisional and hierarchical.

The organizational chart of the housekeeping department

The organizational chart of the housekeeping department

Source: pinterest

The chart is simply hierarchical with some flatness as it is the organizational chart of only one department.

Hilton organizational structure

Hilton organizational structure

Source: pinterest

The Hilton is the most consequential brand of the hotel industry and the giant in hoteling services. Its organizational chart is more hierarchical, more matrixed, and more divisional.

Use EdrawMax for Organizational Chart Creation

The hotel organizational chart is very crucial to use. The critical administrative tasks are taken using this chart. The employees and the departments know the chain of command. They get who is their leader and to whom they will report. The admins see which department needs more improvement and extension.

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