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Education is evolving at a fast pace, and when it comes to elementary education, most schools endorse the STEM system nowadays that widely utilizes interdisciplinary curriculums and visual outputs to evenly reach out to all the pupils in class. While teachers usually have formal training and are largely in sync with the newer methods of teaching, parents often find it difficult to help their kids with homework, especially keep up with the newer syllabuses and complex lessons of math and science. Simple visual tools are a popular resort for this situation, and one such popular visual tool, that can be easily comprehended by parents, is Venn Diagrams.

The advanced diagramming software, EdrawMax , features a wide range of ready-to-use Venn diagrams for kids, which is very simple to use and can be utilized by teachers and parents in order to explain the lessons of science, math, geography, history, grammar etc. Let’s find out more about how to make a Venn diagram and take inspiration from a variety of Venn diagram examples to have an overall idea of the many study resources this software has to offer for your child’s academic progression from elementary to higher education.

What is a Venn Diagram?

Venn Diagrams are most prominently credited to and created by a mathematician and philosopher, John Venn, which Venn was noted citing Euler diagrams as his inspiration. Fundamentally, the diagram utilizes circles in order to create a visual concept to define the relationship between two or multiple elements, or “sets”. Typically, the circles overlap each other and form closed curves in between the sets. And it is these curves that make up an essential visual semblance, compartmentalizing each element that works as a link between the sets. Thus, it creates a logical indication of the key points and radically simplifies the complexities of the matter.

Furthermore, the diagram can be filled with different color, images or icons to make the content more interactive or highlight different key points, so that it is easy to understand for the masses. The best part about Venn Diagrams is that despite being used to define highly complex elements and dynamic use of colors and images, the layout is still typically minimalistic to look at, and hence, almost always makes it easy for a viewer or reader to conceive the information that is being carried out. This quality makes it highly effective to use Venn diagrams for kids without challenging the young minds or ask for a lot of their attention when defining Math equations or introducing them to the magical world of Science.


When to Use Venn Diagrams?

Venn Charts are an excellent visual tool to convey information that can only be comprehended and not really seen as it is. Therefore, the best time to use Venn Diagrams is to discuss and/or define classifications, comparisons, problem solving or sort and organize specific principles or theories.

Teachers need to spend a lot of their time and attention into preparing study materials and curriculum that supplement the textbooks and are essential to cover the syllabus. With the use of simple and catchy Venn diagram examples and templates, it can make the job way easier and faster. And the fact that these diagrams are so easy to make, they can also be endorsed by parents to help their kids with homework.

Venn Diagrams can also be used to make worksheets for group exercises, which is a very effective and popular curriculum used in elementary schooling nowadays, that encourages pupils to participate in teamwork and practice collaborative efforts.

Strengths and Limitations of Venn Diagram

The strengths and limitations of any article is denoted by the manner in which it is used, the purpose it solves and the end-user. Therefore, if the strengths and limitations of Venn charts are judged by their functionality when used as educational supplements for kids, then below are the layout of the idea.

Strengths of Venn Diagrams

  • Simplify information with a visual concept. If readers or learners are not able to see through a theory, the visual representation helps them grasp the logic behind it.
  • Organize complex equations through neat segregation of each set and its form and function, preventing learners from jumbling things up.
  • Best comparison chart that not only divides the correlations between two sets, but can also highlight the factors that fall in between.
  • Kid friendly diagrams that are highly impressionable. Sometimes Venn diagrams for kids can be so receptive that children can draw them quite effortlessly, without deliberately memorizing it.
  • Versatile approach makes them useful in elementary school as well as higher education, and can be functional to define varied theories, across different subjects.

Limitations of Venn Diagram

  • Can define one thing at a time, and the circles can become too complex if you are trying to cover multiple classes or theories under a single diagram.
  • Limited expression of the diagrams keeps the sets down to the basics and can’t really represent multi-tier sets as a whole.

Certainly, you are not going to use Venn diagrams for kids alone, they can also be used for business, general communication, higher education and many other purposes. Therefore, the limitations or strengths really vary and are more of each to their own.

Venn Diagram for Kids— Learn from Examples

If you are a teacher or a parent looking for inspiration to create impressionable and effective study materials using Venn charts, then you can take a cue from the Venn diagram examples down below, and get on with it.

Learning About the Earth and Atmosphere

venn diagram geology

Children are highly receptive to natural studies, and are usually fascinated by the colorful science images. Venn diagrams like this one shared down below, explains the basic needs of living things, and how plants, air, water and sunlight are interconnected. With simple and elementary diagrams like these, you can define the most essential lessons of life and the balance of nature.

Math Made Simple

venn diagram math

Mathematics is mostly dreaded by children because they can’t really figure out what to do with all the equations or find an application in real life, especially when most of the problem sums seem to be someone else’s problem after all! Introducing practical math curriculums and group activities is now a standard practice under the STEM system, and a Venn Diagram like this one can be used to map out a plan, or illustrate a problem or a cause that can be mutually understood by pupils and carried out with a purpose that they can apply in real life, and thus understand it’s worth.

Fun With Grammar

venn diagram grammar

Image Source:

English grammar can be the most confusing subjects for some students, more than math or science, especially non-English kids. A neatly drawn Venn chart like this one, can essentially define the overlapping patterns of grammatical expressions like non other.


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How to Teach Kids to Make a Venn Diagram?

When teaching kids, especially elementary school students, it’s essential to consider the fact that kids of this age are drawn to ease and agility. Monotonous lessons and long draggy texts are biologically boring, so are generalized classroom lessons that don’t wait for individual pupils to fully conceive the logic. With the help of an advanced software like Edraw Max, parents and teachers can give kids a healthy and progressive learning experience. Take a cue from this step by step guide about how to make a Venn Diagram using Edraw Max Software for parents.

  • Step 1: Download EdrawMax Software.
  • Step 2: Launch the software on your desktop. Using your mouse, click on File > New > Basic Diagram. Under Basic Diagram, you will find several templates, including Venn Diagram. Double click to open a fresh page.
  • Step 3: Under the Venn Diagrams, you can find a wide range of shapes, select the one that’s ideal for your project. When you click under the shapes, you will see there are text boxes where you can simply type in. Just be careful to not use more content than there is space.
  • Step 4: Once your Venn diagram is done, go to File again and click the Save button. This will save your project in your hard drive. You can also directly export the same to your website or blog, or email it by clicking the send button.

Enjoy Learning and Teaching with Edraw!

EdrawMax is a one time purchase software that will stay with you for life. Not only is it useful for kids, but one can use such a software for different levels of academic career or even professional training.

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