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Learn about QFD diagram basics from knowing its definition, purpose, and effective tools. Gain free and good-looking QFD mapping templates for your six sigma program.

What's QFD?

QFD is a comprehensive quality methodology that systematically puts together the customer requirements with various business functions and organizational processes, such as marketing, design, quality, production, manufacturing, sales, etc. It is often used in the six sigma model and it can be used for both tangible products and non-tangible services. The main functions of QFD are meeting market needs by translating customer benefits, and using comprehensive matrix for documenting information, perceptions and decisions. It links the needs of the customer with design, development, manufacturing, researching, and service functions.

Root Cause Analysis

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What can a QFD Diagram Do?

A QFD model helps you to collect, analyze and manage data to give you a comprehensive understanding of your customer expectations, product development goals and the needs of your business.

  1. Help you understand true customer needs from customers perspective.
  2. Help you understand how customers or end users become interested, choose, and are satisfied.
  3. Help you develop a prioritized list of what customers expect to see in your products, services or strategies.
  4. Help you translate customer expectations into specifications your designers can understand.
  5. Help you plan products, services or strategies with fewer mid-point corrections.
  6. Help identify positive quality and business opportunities, and translate these into actions and designs by using transparent analytic and prioritization methods.
  7. Help build a quality product or service by focusing the various business functions toward a common goal - customer satisfaction.

Create QFD Diagram from Ready-made Templates in Edraw

Edraw is a professional QFD mapping tool coming with standard built-in QFD symbols and templates. All templates are customizable. It's easy to change colors, theme and effect to achieve great results. A group of nice pre-defined themes allow you to instantly personalize your drawing with a professional look, fast and effective. Try a ready-made template to assist with your QFD diagram design.

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