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Create SIPOC Diagram Easily from Templates and Examples

> Edraw Example > Create SIPOC Diagram Easily from Templates and Examples
Posted by James Freeman | 02/04/2021
Create presentation-quality SIPOC diagrams instantly with pre-made templates. Easy to print, export and share with others.

SIPOC Diagram

A SIPOC is an excellent visual tool for documenting a business process into five simple segments from a high-level view. The term "SIPOC" is an acronym, standing for Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs, and Customers. SIPOC diagrams are commonly used at the start of a project to provide information to the project team before work begins. It helps define a complex project that may not be well scoped or understood, which is often used in Six Sigma during the "define" phase of the DMAIC improvement steps.


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Basic Understanding of SIPOC Segments:

  1. Suppliers: It refers to the provider of the key material, information or service. Many processes of a company may have a large number of suppliers.
  2. Inputs: Inputs are items that are involved or used in the process such as the materials, data, knowledge, information, or ideas.
  3. Process: It's the steps that transform inputs to outputs, summaries of the whole procedure of the process.
  4. Outputs: Outputs are the end results of the process, can be products, service, reports, documents, information, etc.
  5. Customers: Customers are the users receive the output of the process.

Benefits of Using SIPOC Analysis

  1. SIPOC is an effective visual tool for defining a process by identifying key activities, outputs and inputs of the process, which gives an overall view of the business scope and enables all team members to view the process in the same light.
  2. It provides an understanding of the various process steps and process owners that make up the system for the stakeholders, project sponsors and team members, giving clarity on the scope of the process at an early stage in the project.
  3. It associates together the suppliers and customers with the main process, to study and investigate as a whole body, thus analyzing and developing the system from a comprehensive view.
  4. It quickly and easily captures the current state of the organization and processes in question, and defines the improvement efforts.

SIPOC Diagram

SIPOC Diagram Software

How to Create a SIPOC Diagram

To construct the diagram, you need to clarify each of the components for the whole process. Let's do this one by one:

  1. Process: This is a high-level process map that you'd better limit to 4-7 steps. Go through the process step by step, describing the major activities. List each of the activities under the Process column. Use a Verb + Noun format for the process steps. Such as "Add Source" or "Deliver the Goods".
  2. Outputs: For a process that produces a product, the primary output is obvious to identify. While for service-oriented processes outputs may be less apparent. If you have a lot of outputs, focus on the critical ones. For example, outputs can be products, services, reports, raw data, etc.
  3. Customers: These are the people who receive the outputs. Every output should have at least one customer. Better to match the customers to the outputs.
  4. Inputs: Determine what you need to produce the outputs. Brainstorm and capture the crucial ones under the Inputs column. Inputs are things that trigger the process. They're often tangible.
  5. Suppliers: Identify the people, systems, or upstream processes that supply the inputs. Each input should have a Supplier. Document the suppliers of each input under the Suppliers column. It visually depicts which suppliers provide which inputs.

Click the following link to see the detail steps on how to create SIPOC diagram.

A SIPOC Example for Understanding the Process Elements

To illustrate the diagram, we have picked an easy-to-understand process to help you understand: Make Cinnamon Cookies. You can also apply this template in Edraw to represent your own SIPOC diagrams.

Make Cinnamon Cookie SIPOC

Note: There are plenty of high-quality templates available in Edraw for creating great SIPOC diagrams. All templates are well pre-designed and with automatic functions, easy to customize and reuse. Try this simple yet powerful software to save your time and maximize your efficiency.

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