James Freeman

James Freeman


James Freeman

  • Leadership and management expert
  • Joined Edraw since 2010
  • Sharing project management experience with readers
  • Loves sports and fitness training

Experience & Education

Working Experience

As a former project manager in Silicon Valley, James summarized his successful experience of managing a team and wanted to share it with readers. Therefore, he is continuously writing articles for Edraw to help readers better manage their projects and has been a contributor since 2010. Three years ago, James quitted the job and started his own business.


After graduation from high school, James went to the University of Texas at Austin to study business, where he was a straight-A student passionating about student affairs. Seven years later, he got his Master’s Degree in information technology and management in Texas McCombs.


Due to his academic background and working experience, James is expert in managing projects by using interactive Gantt charts. In addition, he has critical insights into how business diagrams can improve performance.


James is a work-out fanatic and his signature phrase is, “I am hitting the gym.” Now, he is living happily with his wife, two lovely daughters, a healthy golden retriever, and an elegant ragdoll kitty.