Editable Fire Escape Diagram Templates - Free Download

This page offers a variety of fire escape diagram templates to download and customize. Create your attractive fire evacuation plan from ready-made templates.

Fire escape diagram is essential for any building as it guides the correct escape route when emergency occurs. It contains all necessary information for the occupants to find correct paths to leave a building without scuffing. In addition, the fire evacuation plan provides a significant help for firefighters get the right location for saving people or getting fire safety equipment.

Customizable Fire Escape Diagram Templates

To help users start quickly, Edraw evacuation plan design software offers a variety of escape plan templates that can be downloaded and modified. All templates are vector-based and can be customized by changing the color, text, size, background, and so on.

School Fire Escape Plan

Download School Fire Escape Layout in PDF Format

Download School Fire Escape Layout in EDDX Format

More Escape Diagram Templates to Download and Use

Here are free escape plan templates that allow you to design your evacuation plan designs in a smarter and more successful way. You can view and download more free escape plan templates from Edraw Escape Design software. Now choose your favorite template and start your creation.

Evacuation Plan Templates in Word, PPT, PDF

Fire Escape Diagram for Word
Fire Escape Diagram for PPT
Fire Escape Diagram for PDF

Fire Evacuation Plan Templates - Easy to Personalize

Hotel Evacuation Plan
Kindergarten Emergency Layout
Hospital Fire Escape Plan
Office Fire Escape Diagram
Mall Evacuation Plan
Home Emergency Diagram
Mall Escape Plan
Library Evacuation Plan
Pharmacy Floor Plan for Fire Escape

Download Edraw to Create Fire Escape Diagram in Minutes

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