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Problem and solution graphic organizer is used to improve the students' problem-solving skills. It primarily assists students in identifying the problem and potential solutions. It also describes the problem's issue, the anticipated steps for its elimination, and the final solution.

If you want to learn more about the problem and solution graphic organizer, keep reading until the end of this blog post. Then, we will discuss each aspect, from its basics to the best problem-solution graphic organizer example.

problem and solution graphic organizer

1. What is a Problem and Solution Organizer

A problem solution organizer is a graphical representation of problems and solutions. The graphic includes the problem at the beginning, then the causes of this problem, suggestions for tips, and a final solution to the problem. Using these diagrams makes it easy for a person to understand the problem and solution.

In teaching, graphics organizers are easy to understand and present. Besides, this can be used in many business organizations to structure problems and solutions.

Let's see an example of a problem and solution graphic organizer in teaching.

Problem solution graphic organizer for teachers

  • Step 1: Find the problem and write it in the problem box.
  • Step 2: Ask students to brainstorm causes and solutions to the problem.
  • Step 3: Once you find the perfect solution, write it down.
  • Step 4: If you want to add suggestions, then go ahead and add a section next to solutions.

It is how you can use an example of a problem-solution graphic organizer. If you want to edit this template, click on the image to modify it.

2. 10 Problems and Solutions Graphic Organizer Examples for All Grades

A problem solution graphic organizer example is used to showcase the problem and solution of a particular case. Here we have explained the 10 problem-solving organizer examples suitable for all grades and teachers.

Example 1: Graphic Organizer: Problem Solution

This problem and graphic organizer example shows sections for problems, choices, and pros and cons. It is one of the best examples of problem-solving because there are numerous ways to solve it. For instance, enter the problem in the first box and add choices next to the problem. In these three choices, you have the option to list the pros and cons of each choice. After comparing all these three choices, you can reach a logical conclusion.

Example 2: Problem & Solution Graphic Organizer

This problem and solution graphic organizer is a simple example that anyone can use to display problems and solutions. In this example, you can see three sections for the problem, and its solution can use to show problems and solutions. In this example, you can see three sections for the problem and its solution. Remember that the problem and solution will be written separately, with problems on the left and solutions on the right. This graphic helps students brainstorm problems and solutions. Moreover, it helps them make predictions and suggestions.

Example 3: Problem and Solution Graphic Organizer

This template is used to identify the problem and potential solutions. In the first section, you can add a problem, and in the next three sections, you need to share three events that happened in the problem. After that, the diagram is about the problem, who is involved, and why it takes place. The last section is about the conclusion of the problem.

Example 4: Problem and Solution Graphic

This template is designed to recognize the problem and its solutions simply. In this, mention the problem in the first section and then share three choices for the problem. Next, the choices are divided into pros and cons, and last are the conclusions. It will be brainstorming for the students.

Example 5: Problem Solution Worksheet

This problem-solution worksheet is an innovative way to help students understand day-to-day life problems and solutions via engaging story elements. This worksheet is divided into two sections: problem and solution. In this case, students are required to match the problem with a solution. With this, students can develop their cognitive skills.

Example 6: Problem-Solving Model

In this problem-solving model, you will find four steps. The first phase is determining the issue, followed by developing an actionable plan, carrying it out, and seeking a solution.

  • Students can enter keywords in the "understand the problem" area of the diagram.
  • In the second section, they can choose a method and utilize this space to organize and explain the thinking process.
  • They can include the keywords in the third part, which will help them stick to the strategy.
  • Students can carefully review the solution in the final part.

Example 7: Problem and Solution Graphic (Printable)

Students may arrange, explain, and get the answers encountered by the fictitious characters they are reading with this printable problem-solution graphic organizer. First, students must put down the issue that each character in the narrative faces in the first box and the resolution they came up with in the box below. Next, students must list the characters' steps to solve the giant box on the right side. Students are expected to describe the solution method more in-depth in this area than others.

Example 8: Weekly Problem and Solution Graphics

This weekly problem-solving example can be used to identify problems and solutions. There will be different problems with each passing day. Write a rough work or drawing, a sum or number sentence, and then an answer in the first section. This organizer is beneficial in sharing day-to-day problems and consistently presents the problem and the solution.

Example 9: Problem and Solution Graphic Organizer

This problem-solution organizer is for comparison between different situations. It consists of four sections. The first is the problem box, and the second is the text section, which is divided into problem and solution sections. Another part is for problems and solutions.

Example 10: Problem Solution Graphic Organizer

The easy-to-understand and editable problem solution graphic also falls into three categories: who, what, and why? In addition, the graphic contains two sections: problem solutions and solutions. It helps students actually to brainstorm and find the solution to the problem.

So, these are the best graphic organizers for problems and solutions. If you're looking for the best software to create these examples, then EdrawMax is the best. Here we go!

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3. Conclusion

You have learned all the examples of problem and solution graphic organizers. These are best for teachers to help students brainstorm their minds and develop their creative and cognitive skills. However, if you want to create or modify the templates above, go to EdrawMax.

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