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Create Evacuation Plan for Excel

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Posted by Allison Lynch | 07/21/2021
It is not easy to create an evacuation plan directly in MS Excel, but you can try it by creating in EdrawMax and exporting to Excel format. EdrawMax allows users to make the evacuation plan for Excel on both Mac OS X and Windows system. Start quickly with pre-made symbols and built-in templates.

Overview of the Evacuation Plan

The aim of an evacuation plan is to offer a visual procedures to be used by people in the building when an emergency occurs. And what makes an entire evacuation plan? The answer contains four basic elements including assign outputs, exit signs, stairs, and indicate the current location slogans.

Fire Evacuation Plan Excel

Using Easy Software to Create MS Excel Evacuation Plan

An evacuation plan shows the possible exit routes in a building. Arrows of different colors can help indicate the different outputs. Edraw Floor Plan Maker, a professional evacuation diagram drawing program can help users draw accurate and professional looking fire escape plans.

Draw Fire Evacuation Plan

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Basic Steps to Create an Evacuation Plan

1. Click File> New> Floor Plan menu, and then double-click Fire and Emergency Plan to open a blank drawing page or a pre-made template.

2. Draw an architectural sketch showing the structure.

3. Drag and drop the symbols required for your emergency evacuation plan. If you need additional symbols, click the Libraries icon to see other libraries.

4. Add legend, background and other embellishments.

5. Go to File menu, click Export and Send to export your file as Excel format.

Export Fire Escape Plan to Excel

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