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How to Create Plumbing and Piping Plan

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Posted by Allison Lynch | 06/30/2021

Part 1: What is Plumbing and Piping Plan?

Plumbing and piping plans are used to convey key information about a room or structure's plumbing system. This information will be used by engineers, designers, builders and other parties involved in the building process. Such a plan will contain information including the structure's fixtures, pipework, valves, waste disposal system, and hot and cold water supply.

A structure's plumbing system is important to the health and safety of the occupants. Therefore, a plumbing and piping plan is an important diagram that ensures engineers and workers are working towards building a structure that meets all of the safety requirements.

Part 2: Design Elements for Plumbing and Piping Plan

Creating a plumbing and piping plan with detailed and industry-standard symbols can help you preview the layout, which lets you detect anything that could be probably missed out. Here are the design elements for designing the annotated schematics or diagrams of plumbing and piping systems:

Piping and Connection Shapes

Piping and Connection Shapes

Equipment - Valves

Equipment - Valves

Wall, Door, Window and Structure

Wall Door Window and Structure

Plumbing Symbols

Plumbing Symbols

Part 3: How to Make a Plumbing and Piping Plan?

Step 1: Start EdrawMax.

Step 2: Navigate to [New]>[Building Plan]>[Plumbing and Piping Plan].

Plumbing and Piping Plan 1

Step 3: Click the [+] sign to start from scratch.

Plumbing and Piping Plan 2

Step 4: You can export the file to Graphics, PDF, editable MS Office file, SVG and Visio vsdx file.

export and save

Step 5: And you can share your diagram with others via social media and web page.

Plumbing and Piping Plan 3

Watch this video to learn more. If the video doesn't play, please visit it at YouTube.

Part 4: Plumbing and Piping Plan Examples

Home Water Piping Plan Template

Do it yourself with Edraw's smart floor plan editor to fully edit this home water piping plan template. Plenty of floor plan design theme and color patterns are within your reach. Start drawing your award-winning plan right now.

Home Water Piping Plan Template

Home Plumbing Plan Template

Here is a simple home plumbing plan example created by EdrawMax, which is available in different formats. You can simply make this template your own with just a few clicks.

Home Plumbing Plan Template

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