Customer Journey Map Templates & How to Create

Customer journey maps are great for presenting and analyzing potential user experience problems for business organizations. Read this article to learn more about the concept with editable free download customer journey map templates.


What is a Customer Journey Map?

Basically, a customer journey map tells you the user experience story of the customer from the initial awareness step to the final payment. It shows the customer's feelings, behaviors, concerns and motivations across touch-points in their journey. The goal is to explore any key interactions your customers have with your brand in order to develop a better customer strategy for your organization, reduce costs and increase sales.

Why Should We Use Customer Journey Maps?

So far, many organizations are using customer journey maps to gain insights into the devise improvements of their service or products. Such maps offer a comprehensive view of your current organizational practices.

Customer Journey Map Template - General Online Shopping Experience

The template here shows you the general stages of the online shopping experience. You can see the activities, feelings with face icons, customer expectations and so on. Click on it to see the full map.

online shopping customer journey map template

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Customer Journey Map Template - Mobile Ordering Experience

The template here offers a different style of user experience presentation with a vertical indicator at the left-hand side, and a flow of actions and feelings on the map. You can check out more details by clicking on the map.

mobile ordering customer journey map template

How to Create a Customer Journey Map - Key Steps

The specific process of creating a customer journey map may vary, but the essential steps should including the following:

Determine Your Goal

Make sure who is your target group; what is your business goal; which kind of product or service would you like to analyse etc.

Getting to Know Your Users 

You may do so by undertaking quantitative or qualitative research methods. The former one may include data analysis, such as website traffic analytic; the latter one refers to do face-to-face interviews. If time is limited, just focus on researching your primary audiences. Moreover, Managers should also talk to front-line customer service staff within their organization to gain first-hand ordering experience and identify any potential pain points.

Build Your User Persona and Map out the Key Marketing Phases

The marketing persona, who represents your average customer, includes detailed demographic information about your target customers, such as their locations, gender, age group, job titles, organizational sizes, or even overlapping interests. Next, you should map out the key marketing steps: the discovery phase, the consideration phase, the purchase phase and finally the retention phase. For each of the step, you should ask yourself the following questions:

Presenting Your Findings

You can use infographic or timeline style to visually present your data and conclusions. However, don't make it very complex. Instead, just focus on the users' needs, thoughts and feelings throughout their experience with your brand.

Analyse the Map

Now you should use the map to explore any solutions, like integrating the key performance indicators, to improve your sales and services. Try not to lose more potential buyers from your website or offline shops by offering their help at a very first place.

Further Tips of Creating Customer Journey Maps

Now Create Your Own Customer Journey Maps

It's your turn to design your own customer journey maps based on the guide and tips in this article. Feel free to use the built-in auto-create tools to change colors, themes, shadow effects, text names, shape sizes and more. Drag and drop more preset marketing symbols for your work and one-click share on different social media platforms.

customer journey map software interface

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