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Create Timeline Infographics with Templates or from Scratch

> Infographic Examples > Create Timeline Infographics with Templates or from Scratch
Posted by Chelsea Yang | 11/18/2019
How to design timeline infographic like a professional, yet spending the least time? This article will show you a fast way to create timeline infographics through quick templates.

Timeline infographic is an infographic showing a list of events in chronological order. With the linear structure, timeline infographic makes it clear for people to understand when each object appears on the stage.

Timeline infographics are often used to portray history or display chronological steps of an event. The usages are versatile. For example, you can use a timeline infographic to display the history of a company, or show someone's life story.

A good timeline infographic must have a line to indicate the time span, then the individual events connected to this line. You need to add dates of each event together with some descriptions. Pictures are optional.

Timeline Infographic - Baby Milestone

This Baby Growth timeline presents baby growth milestones. It has events, date of events, description of events, and pictures.

How to Create a Timeline Infographic?

Step 1: Get the Content Prepared

Before start, make sure you have already collected all the information and finalized the content, because this will guide you to decide which layout or style you are going to use. Get these things clear:

  • How many points (events) the timeline infographic will include?
  • How detail the infographic would be?
  • Will it contain pictures or not?

Step 2: Choose a Timeline Infographic Template

According to the anwers above, choose a timeline template from the library. There are 26 timeline infographic templates in total. Drag out from the library to see clear details and decide which one to use.

timeline 1

  • little text with icons

timeline 2

  • little text without image

timeline 3

  • text on one side

timeline 4

  • highlight one point

timeline 5

  • heavy text no image

timeline 6

  • aligned style

timeline 7

  • images in circles

timeline 8

  • text on two sides

timeline 9

  • date in the middle

timeline 10

  • folding line style

Get all timeline templates from our offline infographic software:

Step 3: Add Your Own Content and Personalize the Format

Drag and drop the timline you selected and start editing. Every detail can be edited. You can:

  • Add text blocks to any location, change the font color, type and size.
  • Recolor, replace, and relocation the shapes.
  • Set event number.
  • Add other cliparts or infographic elements from the built-in libraries.

use timeline template from library

Above is the original template, and below is the one we customized. We changed the color of the lines and shapes, replaced the images, added a title, and changed the font. After that, we chose a background from the "Texture Background" library. PS: the cliparts of the little babies are mostly found in the "Baby" library.

modify infographic timeline template

Step 4: Start from Scratch

If none of the above templates suit you, you can design from scratch using our quick shapes such as line, circle, rectangle, flag, arrow, etc.

Add a Line

Draw a line with the line tool and set the line color, width, dash type or arrow from the line format tab on the right.

Draw a line

Add the Nodes

Use the Oval tool to draw a circle. You can draw two cirlces and overlap them to make the hollow style. Or you can open the Basic Shape library to use the ready-made circle shapes.

Add time nodes

Add Text Blocks

Design text blocks with the pre-made shapes. Use Union tool to make two shapes become one.

Add text blocks

Add Embellishments

Embellishments will make the timeline more infographic. That means, with embellishment such as clip arts, icons, images, the timeline infographic will become more vivid and visually pleasing.

add infographics timeline embellishment

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