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1. What is Customer Journey Map and What is it Used for

A customer journey map (CJM) is an illustrative diagram that depicts customers’ experience with your brand. The customer-brand relationship is becoming increasingly complex. Visually mapping how customers generally interact with your brand, whether through social media, reviews, email, or any other channels, ensures none of them slips through the cracks.

A customer journey map is an insightful way through which businesses step into their customers' shoes so that they can gain a view of brand performance from the customer's perspective. Once a business digs insight from customer pain or joy points, it will embark on how to keep up the better side as it strives to improve what’s not working well.

All customer touchpoints are mapped out, and user journeys are created across these. The step should map down customer behaviors, all the activities, goals, glitches, and obstacles of particular processes. The objective of developing a customer journey map example is to have a visual idea of customers' experience. The information is then utilized to shape new imperatives and improve business processes.

2. 8 Customer Journey Maps Examples to Inspire You

Journey maps embrace a wide variety of forms. Here are 8 examples we selected for you.

Example 1: Starbucks Customer Journey Map

This Starbucks customer journey map follows a timeline style that outlines the various touchpoints and a baseline that differentiates poached from enriched experience. Although the map is unlikely to work for e-commerce, it inspiringly shows the possible areas and related emotions a customer can feel at each stage.

Example 2: The Experience Wheel - LEGO

This is an experience wheel created in a simplified and interesting way to show an analysis of a flight to New York City. The central part of the image touches on the persona's characteristics. The next circle has three levels of experience in achieving the goal of traveling. Every step is also marked with an emotion mirroring positive, neutral, or negative experiences.

This form of a map is a great way to take a quick look at the business’s product or service from the customer’s perspective.

Example 3: B2B Customer Journey Map

This B2B customer journey map example is structured to break down the journey stage by stage and align each step with customer goals. The outline makes it feel like walking a mile in the customer's shoes.

It is important to understand how buyers engage with your business and learn what you need to improve from a customer's point of view and experience. This CJM visualizes that in a B2B environment.

B2B Customer Journey Map


Example 4: Automotive Purchase Journey

The map breaks down the methods customers use to gain information about car purchases and what factors stood out as beneficial.

It gives enterprises great insights into what avenues buyers take to educate themselves on the solutions they offer. It even makes it easy to dig out what has the most traction with them.

Automotive Purchase Journey


Example 5: Digital Experiences Journey

This CJM example takes a simple structure that only includes the crucial moments where marketing can exert influence. The map outline portrays key touchpoints for a hypothetical hot chocolate store.

The map brings out the importance of identifying opportunities but also looking at potential risks. It makes it easy to spot what marketing end-goal is for a customer and how various marketing technologies affect buyer choices.

Digital Experiences Journey


Example 6: Product Plan Journey Map

This map takes a visually appealing approach. The outline makes the map as widely seen in the organization as possible as it is rewarding to look at and understandable.

When you make a CJM more visual, it can convey the intended information with a creative twist. It is one way to make the information consumable.

Product Plan Journey Map


Example 7: Disability Employment Services Customer Journey Map

This is a simplified customer journey map example with an overview of how job seekers choose and get involved with the organization’s services.

Businesses can explore this outline to develop a staff guide in the form of a booklet. They could combine graphics from collected customers’ views and flesh out the tasks involved at each stage.

Disability Employment Services Customer Journey Map


Example 8: Health Insurance Customer Journey Map

The customer journey map example takes us closer to the CX strategy. The outline tasks even the biggest banks in the world to becoming customer-centric.

The finance, insurance, and banking sectors are crowded. So many companies are competing for clients. Indulging insights from customer experience could make them stand apart from the competition. Improving CX strategy and becoming customer-centric keeps clients happy and loyal.

Health Insurance Customer Journey Map


3. Benefits of Customer Journey Maps

Customer journey maps bridge the gap between customers and brands. The process yields valuable insights to the enterprise undertaking it, leading to value-driven decisions. CJMs enable businesses to experience what customers go through so that they embark on ensuring consistency across all channels and at all touchpoints.

A perfectly outlined CJM:

  1. Are undoubtedly the simplest to use compared to related blueprints and diagrams.
  2. Provides a bird’s eye view of the entire customer journey.
  3. Brings different teams under a particular brand to resolve specific customer hurdles for a great potential impact on business growth.
  4. Minimizes negative customer experiences, thereby registering high customer retention and faster customer conversion.
  5. Enables enterprises to prioritize customer-building actions and strategies.
  6. Captures the gaps between various departments and yields insights on how to seal them.
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4. How to Create a Customer Journey Map

Creating an insightful customer journey map may take you through the following stages:

#1 Set specific goals for the map:

What is your goal of making a CJM? What experiences is it based upon? What is it specifically about? These questions direct you to have a clear persona, which is helpful in accurately directing every aspect of CJM.

#2 Profile your personas and outline their goals:

What is your goal of making a CJM? What experiences is it based upon? What is it specifically about? These questions direct you to have a clear persona, which is helpful in accurately directing every aspect of CJM.

#3: Narrow your focus to target customer personas:

A customer journey map tracks the experience of one customer type for accurate reflection. Thus, it is best to highlight your particular customer persona.

#4: Outline all the touchpoints:

This breaks the processes down into more detailed subprocesses. Ensure you add any necessary data stores and flows at this point.

#5: Decide which elements you want your customer journey map to highlight:

Depending on the map's purpose, you can choose from the four types of CJMs. These include current state, day in the life, full state, and service blueprint.

#6: List the resources you'll need for the journey:

Highlight the resources that would go into creating the customer experience, then take inventory of the resources you have and the ones you have to acquire.

#7: Take the customer journey yourself by analyzing the results:

This is the most important part of the journey that impacts business improvement. From the journey's information, how can you better support customers?

#8: Make the essential changes:

Data analysis should open your eyes to what you want your enterprise to be. To achieve insight, you'll have to effect necessary changes. The changes are important as they directly correlate with what customers depicted as their pain points.

5. Easy-to-Use Customer Journey Map Creator

Understanding the needs and pain points of your customers is very necessary for setting your business above others. To many brands, breaking the customer journey map phase by phase and aligning each step with a goal may prove challenging. You could solicit the friendly and expert services of CJM creators such as EdrawMax and restructure your points accordingly.

Such is an essential step towards maximizing customer success, improving your particular brand and exalting the name of your enterprise. After all, everything about your business revolves around solving customer problems and achieving lasting breakthroughs with your unique product or service.

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6. Key Takeaways

A customer journey map offers the best way to visualize how consumers interact with your business. Customer journey mapping could start on simple excel sheets by outlining areas of friction from the user's point of view.

However, getting a comprehensive vision that describes an average customer experience could enrich you with the necessary steps to improve your brand. There are various CJM templates and customer journey map examples that could help you take the necessary steps with ease. Gain powerful visual stories by engaging EdrawMax research and infographics expertise.

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