AWS Diagram Software Visio Alternative - Make AWS Diagrams on Mac, Windows, Linux

Looking for an AWS Diagram Software Alternative to Visio at lower cost? Edraw is such a popular Visio alternative for creating AWS diagrams on Windows, Mac and Linux.

The AWS diagrams are convenient way for explaining the work of Amazon Web Services. Visio is a great software for designing many kinds of diagrams such as AWS, flowchart, floorplan, mind map, etc. But for common users,  it is not affordable.

AWS Diagram Software Alternative to Visio

As an effective and affordable AWS Diagram Software Alternative to Visio, Edraw is highly recommended. It offers you a rich set of editable AWS symbols and examples. You can get started quickly without any drawing skill required. Most importantly, this software works well on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.  Once the drawing is completed, you can 1 click export the file to PDF, PPT, Word, Visio, PNG, etc or upload it to Cloud or publish it online to access from anywhere.

AWS Diagram Software Visio Alternative

Video - The Best Cross-Platform Visio Alternative

Download AWS Diagram Software to Create AWS Diagrams on Mac, Windows, Linux:

Download Mac Version Download Windows Version Download Linux Version

Why Edraw Is the Best Visio Alternative for Creating AWS Diagrams

Comparison Between Visio and Edraw

Overall Comparison
Drawing Types
Expand & Collapse Shapes
Replace Shapes
Symbol Drawing Toolkit
symbol drawing toolkit
Built-in Symbols
Examples and Templates
Less than 20
More than 800
Add Attachment and Comment
Page Size Fit to Drawing
Only User Manual
User Manual and Video Tutorial
Cloud Collaboration
Editable Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Export to PS & EPS Format
$299 +
$99 +
Need pay to upgrade
Have Lifetime License for Free Upgrade
Runs On
support windows
support windowssupport macsupport linux

Drawing AWS Diagram Effortlessly with This Visio Alternative

It is an easy job to create professional AWS diagrams with our software. Simply follow the basic steps below.

  1. Launch Edraw, select a pre-made template or go to  File menu > New > Network Diagram, and then double click the icon of AWS to open an blank drawing page.
  2. Drag and drop AWS icons from the libraries on the left of the canvas to the drawing page.
  3. Use the "Connector" tool under "Home" tab to connect the icons.
  4. Add texts or text blocks. Double click a shape to type in text.
  5. Once the AWS diagram is done, export the file to a desired format or print it out by clicking File tab and then choosing Print.

Ultimate guide on creating AWS diagrams.


Use the Software as Other Visio Alternatives:

As a powerful Visio-like diagramming tool, it's not only a visio alternative for AWS diagram, but also for floor plan, flowchart, network, data flow, workflow, org chart, fishbone diagram, etc.

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